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Back from our cruise

It's late, and we should really go to bed, but it bugs me to have lots of gaps in our archive, and we already forgot to post on Thursday. We had a stake activity tonight which was amazing in concept but maybe not so great in execution. But ain't that always the way?

See, a large percentage of the people in our stake have heritage in Latin America, so! the activity was a "simulated cruise," where we basically sailed around South America. Each ward set up tables displaying things from the region they were representing, and there were food offerings. It was a lot like World Thinking Day from Girl Scouts, actually. After letting people wander around the tables for about an hour and a half, they started the performance segment, where each ward did some singing and dancing. It was nice, but a little talent-show-y, and a little long. And the first three wards just had the same three women come up and do slight variations on the things they already did. So it was a cool idea, but the songs and dances were not presented in the best way they could have.

And then we came home and we still had work to do! So now we're up late. Maybe if we hadn't spent an hour playing Kingdom Hearts, we wouldn't have to be up so late, but we can't change the past, can we? Besides, sometimes you just need an hour to play mindless video games.

I should mention the Peru table, though, because the guy there was so excited about it! He had all this really cool stuff on display, and maybe I found it a little extra relatable because I really like Saludos Amigos and The Emperor's New Groove, but it was really cool to see this hat and sweater that were just like in Saludos Amigos, or this metal face thing (he said what it was, but there was a lot of ambient noise, so it was hard to make out) that looked just like the buildings in The Emperor's New Groove. And the yarn on all the knitwear was so soft! I think the guy said it was vicuna wool. And the patterns in the knitting were so cute! And the hat with earflaps! It was cool.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see some cool Latin American stuff, finishing our work quota for the day, getting to play Kingdom Hearts for far too long, the mug cake that gave us extra energy when we got back, and getting to take home some little souvenirs from the Colombia table. That reminds me! Our ward was the one that did Colombia and Panama and...Venezuela? more country, but I mostly remember Colombia and Panama, because they sent two boys from our Primary--one with Colombian heritage and the other with Panamanian heritage--to do the introduction, and it was super cute.
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