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Alethea & Athena
Full of events 
5th-Jun-2018 09:53 pm
Today has certainly been eventful, and not just because we were translating the last volume of Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty. We were feeling pretty bad last night, because Mom didn't seem to believe us that we were working all the time, and she mentioned the hours we worked, and we did some calculations and were like, "It really doesn't seem like that long," and yet we never had any free time. So now we felt bad about not having free time, bad about not being believed about not having free time, and bad about being so bad at managing our time that we somehow have no free time despite not actually working that many hours as far as we can tell. Was it just bad math? I don't know.

Anyway, we also happened to read a Facebook post that (in an ironic twist) suggested that we fast from social media for a week. At the time we thought, "We can't do that, or we will literally have no interaction with anyone else." But then we realized that we don't interact with anyone anyway, so what could it hurt to try giving up Facebook? (I figure LiveJournal doesn't count, because it's a ghost town in here, srsly.) And that had us hopeful, but also worried that we would feel super isolated.

Well, we wouldn't have any trouble with it today anyway, because we were planning to go to the Disneyland Office, which means we would at least interact with Farley. But that's not even the most eventful thing that happened today. What happened was I thought it might be a good idea to check email real quick before we went totally offline for the day. So I pulled up email on my iPad, and when I do this I sometimes read email in backwards chronological order, just because.

And there was an email from our editor on Nekogahara! Good, we needed to know where to put that on our schedule. So I'm reading it to Athena, and I read, "I do understand that you two are pretty busy, especially now that you have the new Mashima series on your plate," and I was like, "Wait, what?" I didn't know we were working on a new series, but I certainly wasn't complaining. The name Mashima rang a bell somewhere in the distance, too, so I figured that would be pretty cool.

Then I kept going and got to an email from our simulpub editor--oh, there's the email asking us if we were willing to do a new series! And it was reading that email that I remembered, oh yeah, Hiro Mashima! The guy that did Kodansha's bestselling series, the guy whose new series is so highly anticipated that they're going to release each chapter simultaneously in five different languages. That Mashima.

And here all of Kodansha's new title announcements had us thinking they'd given up on offering us anything until we could say, "Okay, Kodansha, literally everything we've been working on for you is over now. It's safe to add something to our schedule." The thought made us sad. I was even already convinced they'd asked somebody else to translate the new Mashima series.

Needless to say, we were pretty excited. It helped us to not feel so insignificant. So we sent off a quick, "Are you kidding, yes!" and then we went off to Disneyland and almost forgot all about it. But we would remember occasionally throughout the day, and we'd get excited all over again. Still, that Wake Up Sleeping Beauty. It's so good, you guys.

I think the other thing worth noting is that on the way home we stopped by a place that makes ice cream with liquid nitrogen. It looked like something straight out of an old Disney movie. The concept would fit so perfectly in Tomorrowland...

And the other other thing worth noting is that a couple of guys came to see Farley and we were talking and I impressed them with a pun, so the one of them gave me a little plastic gemstone that looked like it was straight from the dwarfs' mine in Snow White. And then because we're twins, Athena got one, too! It was nice. (He was from Oklahoma, and they were talking about how he didn't want to be called an Okie, and I said, "Well, I think you're okay." Everybody stopped and blinked for a second, and then it dawned on them collectively. It was pretty funny.)

Today I'm thankful for oh my goodness we get to translate the new Mashima series!, getting to work on Wake Up Sleeping Beauty at Sleeping Beauty's Castle, getting gemstones from friendly fellas at Disneyland, getting to try some liquid nitrogen ice cream, and our Nekogahara editor's amusing prescience (he also said we should have the books for Nekogahara by now, but they didn't arrive until sometime while we were at Disneyland; it's like he sent an email from the future).
6th-Jun-2018 07:17 pm (UTC) - Social Media + Mashima
Plan in a few weeks for me is to take a few days or a week off from social. Just to get into the right mindframe because there's just so much BS sometimes. And also to catch up to some things. Just a way to at least think about where my time can go and what not as well.

Also, you'll be translating the new Mashima work? Now I'll have something to look forward to :D
7th-Jun-2018 12:03 am (UTC) - Re: Social Media + Mashima
Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what we're hoping to accomplish with this. We've been off Facebook for a day and a half now!

That's right! We're pretty excited about it. Thanks for being excited about it with us! We'll do our best to make it a great English version!
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