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A day of not having to

We took full advantage of the fact that today was not a work day. ...Mostly by spending way too much time playing Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. There was some in-game stuff that we really really want, but you have to "earn" it, so we spent a bunch of time trying to do that. And then it was bedtime, but we still wanted to watch something Japanese-theater related, so we put in the Sailor Moon Musical Music Collection, and oh my goodness, it was so great. I mean, it was really just a compilation of footage from the first three musicals, but we love those, too, so it was great. And all of the songs had the lyrics across the bottom so we could sing along!

We also tried on our new costumes! Wooooo! The skorts look super adorable, but the shirts might be juuuust a little too small. We're going to need to bind our chests anyway, so that might make them look better, but if not, they're really just your standard button-down shirt, so we might be able to replace them with slightly larger ones. The trick is going to be finding the time to address the issue before Anime Expo hits.

Anyway, I need to type this as a reminder to myself that I still wanted to talk about the stuff we did last weekend. I mean, I know I could have done that today, but Saturday is time evaporation day. so it wasn't exactly high on my priorities. I think I should have time for it tomorrow, though.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more Sailor Moon Musical goodness, having some super cute costumes to look forward to wearing (we still need to try on the wigs, but I don't think there's anything we can do to them if they need improvement, so it will mostly just be a matter of figuring out how best to get them on), having almost all the Spirit parts we wanted to get in Kingdom Hearts, getting to try some strawberry shortcake mug cake (which we only bought after reading the ingredients and determining that no strawberries were harmed in the making of the mug cake (we would have been okay with strawberry puree or something, but the picture made it look like there may be strawberry chunks, which are something we do not want to deal with)), and Page hanging out with us while we sang along to Sailor Moon Musical songs.
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