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And why do we like DN Angel?

Well, aside from it having awesome characters and a great story, as well as beautiful art, we can translate thirty-five pages in a mere hour and three minutes. Of course, that might be aided by that fact that we've translated this volume before. But it was several months ago with a bunch of other stuff inbetween.

In a related topic, since it's the beginning of the month, we were checking the Kadokawa web page to see what new manga would be coming out in March. We didn't really expect to see anything we desperately needed, since Lagoon Engine 4 came out this month (man, we need some money), and we've been monitoring the Asuka website, and there don't seem to be any chapters of DN Angel that have come out since volume 11 was published. So we were a little surprised to see that the Japanese version of Lagoon Engine Einsatz is coming out in March. And! The special edition is coming with a CD. Which means we really need money. Especially because so far, Akira Ishida has been in every Sugisaki work that has had voice actors except for Rizelmine.

We went to Yukiru Sugisaki's (mostly Japanese only) web page to see if there was any more information it. We didn't really find anything, because it was right before Foster's started, but we did find out that the wallpaper she's got up for download currently is gorgeous! But we don't have it up right now, because this morning we had just changed it to the new FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime calendar wallpaper for February. (Why didn't we change it to one of the Saiyuki or Bus Gamer wallpapers (click on "special") we have, you ask? It's one of the mysteries of the universe. That, and I still can't decide between them.) Later I realized that, duh, Dark wins over Shade (sorry Shade), so it won't be long before we change it probably.

And today I'm thankful for new DN Angel wallpaper, being about a third way through this translation, having our very own copies of DN Angel, crazy violin solos, and knowing theme park terms.
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