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Today we miraculously finished our work quota before dinner, and we took advantage of that by watching the last four episodes of the live action Erased. As a result, we are now up past our bedtime despite not rushing to finish any work. The exciting thing is we might have extra work tomorrow that could keep us up late, but it's Friday so we'll be able to sleep in anyway.

But the point is, I meant to talk about our trip! And now I'm eager to go to bed, because sleep is so precious lately. Still, I can say a few things. We left on Friday, which was a little bit more of an adventure than planned. We got a phone call almost right after we woke up, informing us that the train taking us on the first leg of our journey had been canceled. Apparently they were having technical difficulties, so I'm glad they didn't try to take us all anyway, but it did throw a bit of a wrench into our plans. Fortunately, we were able to get tickets on the next train pretty easily, so we didn't have to figure out how to get to Union Station some other way. Then we got caught in some nasty traffic while riding the bus on the second leg of our journey, but also fortunately, the last train for the third leg waited for us. And eventually, we made it to our destination, where Mom and Steve picked us up and took us to In-N-Out for dinner.

All the really fun stuff started the next day, but I'm going to save that for next time. But first! I can tell you that the train delay gave us time to check the mail, which was great, because the wigs we bought for our cosplay had arrived! Mostly we've only been able to take them out of the package to confirm that there are two wigs in the right style...only we haven't been able to take them out of the individual packaging to confirm that they're mirror images and not the same wig twice. But we were especially excited to learn that they came with wig caps, which hopefully work well enough that we won't have to order better ones (since we didn't have any before), and little containers of glitter to enhance the sparkle. Maybe this weekend we'll have time to investigate more thoroughly.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, having time to relax afterward, making it safely to our destination last weekend, Mom and Steve's hospitality, and public transportation drivers.
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