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Alethea & Athena
Same old same old 
24th-May-2018 10:07 pm
kid flash
We're already up significantly past our bedtime, but that's okay because we get to have a sliiiiightly later start tomorrow morning. Today was a little hard, because we had a simulpub chapter to work on (not the hard part at all), then we had a short excerpt of an anime script to translate. Then we'd already finished two things, so it felt entirely reasonable to say we'd been productive enough and call it a day. But we still had manga to translate. We keep looking at our schedule through next week and thinking, "You know, if not for X or Y or Z, this schedule would be totally reasonable." But with X, Y, and Z it's a bit of a strain. Oh well. We soldier on.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the simulpub chapter, finishing the anime excerpt, making more progress on Fruits Basket, Page being super cute when she was sitting on Athena's lap, and the Reese's Chips Ahoy! we had for a snack today.
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