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Waiting for Spring volume 5

We have once again reached a point in our schedule where we have to choose the next step, and this become exponentially more difficult the more tired we are and the more we just want to choose the step that is "let's just blow it all off and have fun!" So instead, we do something that we have convinced ourselves is maybe ever so slightly productive (mostly because we were going to do it anyway), and post a review for Review Rednesday! Tadah! And this week we have Waiting for Spring volume five! Spoilers ahead!

After working nonstop for several days in an attempt to get everything done on time and still have time to go to Disneyland when Gaston arrives, we have now miraculously found ourselves with time to write a review or two of the many, many things we've been working on constantly. ...Okay, so we haven't been working on the things constantly, except for Sailor Moon, that one's always constant, but we have been working constantly. Anyway, the point is, it's not the years, it's the mileage, and we've had a lot of mileage between now and when we translated Waiting for Spring volume...what was it again? Five? Right, the one with Aya on the cover, so definitely five. So I'm really hoping we can remember the emotions enough to write a good review. ...Oh, it's coming back to me! When Mitsuki told Ryuji about the lucky charms! That was so cute.

Incidentally, we decided to translate the English word "jinx" as "lucky charm" before we got hooked on Miraculous, but since we translated this volume after that, I was pretty happy that we did, because it made me think of Ladybug every time it came up, and it seems pretty fitting.

Okay, so when this volume starts out, we're still at the not-Disneyland place. I think they have to make the theme parks less obviously a copy of Disneyland when they want to have a Ferris wheel, because none of the Tokyo Disney parks has a Ferris wheel. (There's one at California Adventure, though!) There is a Ferris wheel at the marine park that's just one train station away from Tokyo Disneyland, and an interview with a certain beloved voice actor of ours reveals that you can see Disneyland from that Ferris wheel. But anyway, there's a Ferris wheel, and it looks like Mitsuki is finally going to succeed at doing one of the lucky charms! And it's the one that actually involves communicating that you like somebody, so it will have magic plus science! That's guaranteed to work, right? But of course it gets ruined in the most amusing way possible, and instead she and Reina confess their love at the top of the Ferris wheel. I admit, I kind of love that Mitsuki actually did get to do all of the charms. Just not with Towa.

And that's when things really start getting good, because Kyosuke has taken it upon himself to give people a clue. He's all, "So, Towa, you and Mitsuki wanted to go on the Ferris wheel?" "Yeah, it was weird; Mitsuki actually voiced an opinion for once. I guess she really likes Ferris wheels." I have to interrupt here and say it's kind of hard to do my exaggerated reviews when the manga artists are too much on the same wavelength as us, because this is almost exactly how the conversation went. I don't even think there is any exaggeration. Anyway, Kyosuke replies, "...And you don't think she wanted to go on it with you, genius?" (I added the "genius" part because I had to add something.) And then Towa started to figure it out, and everything was happy.

The other happy thing...oh, it was so cute. He won these coupons in the last volume, right? And he wanted to spend them, but there wasn't anything he wanted, so he asked Mitsuki what she would get, and I thought that's so sweet! he's going to get her a gift! But of course Mitsuki's response is that she would get these cookie things and give them to Towa. Well, that's helpful</sarcasm>. Those two are adorable. The really cute thing is that they're so busy trying to do nice things for each other that that's why they can't figure out what to do to let the other one know that they love them. But thanks to Kyosuke's help, Towa and Mitsuki managed to go on the Ferris wheel alone together after all! Huzzah! ...But Mitsuki chickened out, poor girl. Those two are way too much on the same wavelength. Mitsuki was all, "I guess he really liked it the first time..." On the bright side, Towa was able to sort out his feelings and figure out that he does love Mitsuki.

And oh my gosh, that was the cutest thing, too! He was telling her about his old girlfriend, and how he still just couldn't stop thinking about basketball, so Mitsuki tried asking if he was thinking about basketball right now, and he was like, "...Oh. I forgot about it for a second." Awwwwwwww!!! I guess I understand her disappointment, but I'm also glad she realized that it's something. The other best part was when they almost kissed and then the cast member opened the gondola door. It's doubly amusing for me, because now it will always remind me of the last time I went on Pinocchio's Daring Journey at Tokyo Disneyland. Unlike at our Disneyland, at Tokyo Disneyland, the cast members always tell you to watch your step as you exit the vehicle, just like this Ferris wheel guy did in Waiting for Spring. So the cast member guy told me to watch my step as we got off the ride, and just as he said that! I tripped! I'm pretty good at catching myself, so nobody got hurt, but it was pretty darn hilarious.

And the other best part about this whole thing is that Kyosuke is now pretty firmly established as Towa's ally in the whole thing. Rui and Ryuji remain clueless, of course, but it may be better that way. I'm not convinced that Rui isn't going to be a rival at some point, too, as if Towa didn't have enough of those. Which brings us to Aya. Oh my goodness, Aya. This volume. Aaaaaahhhh...

The problem (or the awesome thing?) about this series is that on the one hand, obviously you want Mitsuki to be happy, so I just want her to get whatever her heart wants. But then there's Aya, and he's so sincerely in love with her, and he's not really a jerk about it, only sort of aggressive and not in a creepy way. I guess he's kind of a jerk to Towa, but that's the whole rival thing. So I want Aya to be happy, too! Especially after this volume (I think I'll get to that). But then Towa really cares about Mitsuki, too, and he's not a jerk or anything, either! In other shoujo manga we've read, there were times where I really did want the heroine to end up with someone other than the obvious leading man (Maid-sama, Beasts of Abigaile...), because he was a creep and didn't really deserve her, but that is not the case in this one! And that's how they really tear you apart, by making it hard to pick sides.

So Mitsuki finally agrees to go on a date with Aya, and he understands that she doesn't like him like that, so he tries to keep it casual, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve! Tricks known as fireworks! ...Like, literal fireworks, not the kind of metaphorical fireworks they sometimes talk about in romantic relationships. But more importantly, the two of them finally take the time to talk everything out. I was so happy that Mitsuki asked him why he didn't tell her he was a boy! It's nice when a series doesn't drag questions like that out for dramatic purposes. I would have been okay with her just asking, but we got an answer, too! And it all had to do with juvenile insecurity, to the point where I almost agreed with him for doing it, but not quite, because (and again, this series is so much on our wavelength), as Mitsuki points out, now she can't trust him because that's kind of a gigantic thing to keep from somebody. (On the other hand, if gender really doesn't matter, then I guess it would be a small thing to keep from someone, but to some people, gender does still matter, and I admit I am one of them when it comes to certain matters.)

But oh my goodness, there was the one part! I don't remember exactly how it went. Mitsuki was saying something about how much she cared for Aya, so he started to reach out to...I don't know, hug her or something...and then she ended with, "The GIRL Aya," and you can just see the tension in his hand as he stops himself. Oh, poor Aya. But you did bring it on yourself, dude. Oh, but it was so cute later, when she asked about if it bothered him that she used to play with his hair. Seriously, this series is adorable. And through it all, you could really see how much Aya cares for Mitsuki, and that's when I started wishing he could win her over.

But then! we went back to Towa. Oh, this series. I think I pretty much just root for whichever guy is present. This will make it interesting when they finally get to battle it out. I seriously doubt a basketball duel is going to help anything, though. I mean, come on, I seriously doubt Mitsuki's top love criteria is that a guy be a basketball star. But anyway, Towa! And oh my goodness, when the guys noticed the fireworks in the distance and figured out that that was probably where Mitsuki and Aya were. And Kyosuke's all, "They say she's on a fireworks date with him," and Towa's like, "...Thanks." And Rui was all, "Wait...does this mean Mitsuki's the girl!?" Thanks for joining us, Rui. (That's not fair to Rui. It's not like he was there for all of Aya's shenanigans.) But it was really cool how Ryuji doesn't let Aya bother him. I think that's very mature.

So, taking Kyosuke's advice, the next time Towa sees Mitsuki, he invites her to fireworks! ...with the guys. (And Kyosuke's all, *facepalm*) That's okay, though, because Mitsuki will probably be more comfortable that way. And then they get to take pictures! And that's really the main reason I bring the whole thing up, because...well, yeah, I admit the part about sending pictures to Reina was really funny (and so was Ryuji running away from the fireworks), but more importantly! when Towa wanted to get a picture with him and Mitsuki! Awwwwwwwwwwww! AND! he was thinking about that more than basketball!!! WHAT!! You heard me--more. than basketball.

And then there's just a bunch of cute teenage lovey-dovey things, and then Mitsuki joins the school festival committee. I feel like it's school festival season in all of the manga we're translating. We even just turned in a volume of Sailor Moon that had a school festival. And Mitsuki and Towa encourage each other by being so sappy and sweet that we're all sure to get cavities. I love it, though. It's all in the telling. But looking back on it, it's super sappy.

...And I think that covers it. Another lovely volume of a lovely shoujo manga. We hope you enjoy(ed) it, too!

Aww, what a great series. Kodansha has a lot of great shoujo manga. Maybe one of these days we'll finally pick up a copy of Pink Mermaid. (I'm back to insisting that it's pink, not peach. It came up in In/Spectre, so we did the research, and the Japanese Wikipedia page confirms that momoiro is pink after peach blossoms, not light orange after peach fruit.)

This week, we have two new releases! My Brother the Shut-In 5 and Forbidden Scrollery 3! I feel like somehow those are both very niche titles in the already niche manga market. But that doesn't mean they're bad--just unknown! If you check them out, you'll get to know them!

And tune in next week for our review of Fire Force volume nine! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for sweet reminders of sweet shoujo romance, the lovely weather we've had, finally having some graham cracker/peanut butter/chocolate bar thingies, having plans to go to an escape room this weekend, and getting to translate so much great shoujo manga.
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