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Alethea & Athena
22nd-May-2018 08:57 pm
We did it. We emailed our boss on the anime front and said we were going to have to take the summer season off. We had to do it now, because sometimes they start getting the licenses early, and if she emailed us offering us a title before we got to her, we wouldn't be able to say no. I mean, first we'd feel bad because now she'd have to go looking for another available translator, and second she always manages to find something that we can't say no to for some reason. (This season was because it was a simuldub.)

I'm a little bummed about it, but considering that I could physically feel the tired in my brain all day today, I think it was the right choice. (Though to be fair, that might also be because we were up a little late last night. Still, if I wasn't already exhausted, one slightly late night wouldn't have been that big a deal.) Hopefully that will get us enough time during those three months to wrangle the rest of our schedule into something more manageable. Or at least get another volume of Sailor Moon done.

The other weird thing about today is that our water got shut off...and I'm realizing now that I don't have anything interesting to say in regard to that, except that it was supposed to be back on at five, and it didn't come back until after six. This was especially bad because, even though the management warned us it would happen, we didn't have the mental capacity to remember it, so we weren't prepared. I went to wash my hands, and the water didn't turn on, and we were like, "Ooohhh yeah..." So now we had to ration the drinking water and use hand sanitizer before meals, etc. It made for a very bizarre sort of day.

Today I'm thankful for indoor plumbing, having our water back, the hope of my brain eventually not being so tired all the time, getting to see my hummingbird from a different window than usual (I call it my hummingbird because our sister gave me a symbolic hummingbird adoption for Christmas two years ago, and now all hummingbirds are my hummingbird), and getting money we weren't expecting.
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