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The Sabbath is definitely a delight when you spend the rest of the week working all the time. Today has been lovely. We even had an adorable surprise while we waited for our ride to church. We like to go out early so we're ready when she gets here, and while we were waiting, we saw, across the alley, a beautiful white dog (I think it was was husky-like, but not super fluffy...but very tall) running all over the place like it was super excited to be alive. I'm guessing it was pretty young, but it was also pretty big, which was kinda awesome.

It just kept bounding back and forth, and eventually it made its way to our side of the alley, where it made sure to stop and say hi. He put his paws up on Athena's waist and looked at her like, "Hi, how ya doing? Got any treats?" She said hi and told him no, she didn't have any treats, so he came over to me. A few moments later someone we assume to be his owner came by holding a bag of dog treats and apologized. We laughed and said it was no problem. And then we went inside to spot clean Athena's dress, because it was wet this morning and the dogs paws were muddy. (Fortunately not too muddy. Just like if you walk around barefoot.)

So our morning was off to a pretty good start. Church was pretty good, too, but a little rambly. We've had a hard time ending meetings on time in our ward, because speakers just keep talking. It's probably good that they have so much to say; it's just that my attention span is not very long.

We had mug cake for snacktime, which is always a treat. Mug cake is our new favorite thing.

And for our evening entertainment, as has become our habit, we read more Harry Potter. Lupin continues to be the super best. I had been wondering how Fred and George figured out how the Marauder's Map worked. I seem to remember hearing or reading someone ask that before, but not hearing or reading the answer, so either it was one of those mysteries, or I just didn't bother to remember. But we read the part where Snape got a hold of the map and tried to find out its secret, and suddenly it all made sense. Fred and George probably tried some of the same things Snape did, and when the map started insulting them, they probably thought it was the greatest thing ever, and did something to let the map know as much, so the map liked them, too, and told them how it worked. I would still be interested in reading the details of that scene.

There was a very brief mention of Scops owls, and now we're both very interested in having one of our own (or at least plush toy versions). And at any rate, it's very nice to have a nice saga we can go visit to spend time with some cool people and not have to worry about work for a while, so I definitely think rereading Harry Potter is helping me to feel like there is hope in the world. We're potentially in for another long week come tomorrow morning.

Today I'm thankful for another lovely evening reading Harry Potter, the adorable puppy we met this morning, the really nice Princess Principal t-shirts we bought (we finally opened the package today), the drizzle we got this morning, and Scops owls.
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