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Alethea & Athena
Work work work 
18th-May-2018 09:39 pm
kid flash
Our goal was to get halfway through our In/Spectre edit today, and we almost did! Woohoo...! At the beginning of the day, it looked very promising. We looked at how much progress we'd made after one CD, and we were like, "At this rate, we'll finish before dinner, no problem!" That rate did not continue. On the bright side, we got some cool notes written, I think maybe. We have not written any notes about Pinocchio (the main story in this volume is based on Pinocchio), but I don't think we should have to come along and say, "Yup, it's pretty much just like the characters say it is," for every little thing. But! we're glad we've already read the original story, because otherwise we might want to research it anyway, and we don't have time for that. (As it is, we did end up pulling out our copy to make sure our translation of the dialogue was consistent with what happens in the book.)

And now we are tired, as usual. We've kind of gotten to a point where we feel like we need to just accept the fact that we will not be doing anything but work for the next several days. I mean, like I said yesterday, we're pretty far ahead of the deadline we set for ourselves (and told our editor), but when we look at the list after that...

On the bright side! It's the weekend! Should we take both days off? I don't know! Are we going to anyway? You bet we are! We're even considering ordering our groceries online so we don't have to expend any energy tomorrow...but doing that requires a different kind of energy, so at this point, odds are good that we'll go to the store anyway. We needed to check out the fabric dye anyway. Speaking of which, our costumes shipped!! Woohoo!! (If we're ordering the costumes, why do we need dye?, you may ask. Because we think we'd like to wear leggings or tights with the costumes, and the best way to get the color we want seems to be to order white and dye them ourselves.)

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, our costumes being on their way, it finally being the weekend, not having to do extensive research on Pinocchio, and fabric dye.
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