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Focusing on the positive

We decided to work on In/Spectre today, and considering the fact that we gave ourselves all of next week to finish it, we're, like, way ahead of schedule and probably had no need to work late to finish the first draft. But that's failing to consider all the things that will inevitably pop up next week to hinder our progress on In/Spectre, like anime episodes and simulpubs, so all in all, I think it's a good thing we pushed ourselves. Or maybe I just think that because I haven't felt loopy from brain drain the last couple of days. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow I'll probably feel vastly different from how I'll feel next week. But if we turn out to not have so much work next week after all, we'll just be grateful for the free time.

In the meantime, let's focus on happier things! We got our Princess Principal t-shirts today! ...And proceeded to leave the box unopened on the living room floor because we're not going to be leaving our apartment for days anyway, so what do we need with clothes? It was kind of sad, like, "YAY! New t-shirts! ...But I have nowhere to show it off." I can wear it for myself, can't I? I mean, we're going grocery shopping on Saturday, but nobody sees us at the grocery store. (That's not true. We probably actually interact with the people at the grocery store more than we interact with people at Disneyland these days.) Anyway, I am excited to wear them eventually.

In a similar vein, our Harry Potter Loot Crates are on their way, too! And I'm so excited to see what's inside! But I also realize that we'll probably immediately put all the loot back in the crate and just get back to work and forget all about it. And it's this sort of pessimism that makes it very difficult to enjoy life, so I should just be happy for new shirts and new loot crates and stress hippos and focus on the good things! ...I'll try, anyway. And there's a good chance we'll be going up to see family in the near-ish future, so maybe we can show off our cool stuff for them. They don't care about Princess Principal, but it will still be fun to wear our shiny new t-shirts.

Today I'm thankful for new Princess Principal shirts!, our Harry Potter Loot Crates being on their way!, plans to maybe see family soon!, finishing our first draft of In/Spectre!, and sleep.
Tags: busyness, gratitude, harry potter, princess principal, workaholism

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