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We have one missed deadline out of the way, and we have moved on to the next one! I mean, I guess technically we could have worked on this one first, since we wouldn't have missed the deadline for it if we hadn't postponed it in favor of the first missed deadline, but since the first missed deadline was missed so incredibly thoroughly, we gave it priority.

Fortunately, this second seems to be going fairly quickly, but it's hard to tell because we spent forever trying to figure out who the manga artist named her cat after. Spoiler alert: We couldn't find it. Oh man, but what a time for a manga artist to get a cat and start gushing over it. But to be fair, we checked out her Twitter feed to see if it would help us find a spelling for the cat's name, and the cat is truly adorable.

In other news...there is no other news. Only work. Ideally, we'll finish this translation tomorrow, and then it's a race to see which book we cram into our schedule next! Technically we have Fruits Basket on our calendar next, but we accepted another series from Yen Press after we arbitrarily chose that deadline, and we don't know what they'll want first. We'll ask tomorrow. And if we don't hear back before In/Spectre 8 arrives, we'll work on that instead. And if we finish Stroke of Midnight (the current project) before we hear back and we still don't have In/Spectre, we have any number of other things that are practically guaranteed to be needed faster than humanly possible when our editors finally have a chance to acknowledge them.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that volume of Fire Force (it's really good, you guys), getting to see pictures of Rin Mikimoto's beautiful cat, having ice cream to look forward to when we're done at the computer, string cheese, and having our own adorable kitty to admire.
Tags: busyness, fire force, kiss me at the stroke of midnight, workaholism

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