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Rough week ahead

Well our week did not get off to the greatest start. For about a week or two now, we'd been wondering why we haven't heard from any of our editors, and today we finally did! ...And it turns out we had a volume of Fire Force due over a month ago that we totally forgot about. Fortunately, our editor was busy, too, so it wasn't a huge detriment, only a little one. We also had a first draft of it done already. But work did not go as well as hoped, unfortunately.

We also finally heard about In/Spectre. Fortunately, we have until the end of the month for that one, and May actually wasn't already packed yet. So that one seems doable, if we can finally finish this volume of Fire Force and then get caught up on the rest of what's due this week, including a deadline that was today that we just missed. We may need to email our editor about that one.

I'm already tired. We took a break for dinner, and then we called Mom like we usually do on Monday nights, but she and Steve were on their way out to dinner, so we kept it brief and then we rebelled by playing Kingdom Hearts for just a few minutes, and by the time we got back to the computer to get back to work, Page had stolen my seat. Maybe it was the fatigue, or maybe it was left over rebelliousness, but we took that as a sign that we needed to go watch another episode of Erased. When we got back to the computer again, Page was nowhere near my chair, so we've convinced ourselves that the seat-stealing was her way of telling us not to overwork ourselves. Fortunately, our editor said it's okay if we don't get that volume of Fire Force in until Wednesday. (Hopefully we can get it done tomorrow.)

Today I'm thankful for making as much progress as we did, Page looking out for our health, getting to play Kingdom Hearts, getting to watch some Erased, and getting to see some parrots fly into the tree across from our apartment.
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