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Busy and tired (but what's new?)

We didn't entirely mean to disappear for the whole weekend. We disappeared on Thursday because we went to Disneyland, and then on Friday we were too exhausted to deal with anything, and yesterday we were just too busy.

Disneyland was more fun than usual because we had a friend with us. We thought Gaston had forgotten about our birthday, but I was naive to think he would ever forget an opportunity to eat at the Carthay Circle, which is exactly what we did. We had a good time eating and talking to the waiter, and the food was delicious, of course. I appreciate that there's always at least one dessert that features chocolate and is not mixed with cream cheese. Of course we also visited with Farley.

The second half of the day was less fun, because the crowds were picking up, and because there was a new fireworks show which we hadn't seen which meant we wanted to watch it, even though Athena and I were pretty sure it wasn't going to be that good. Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but (spoiler alert!) we didn't like it. We watched it from Main Street, and in addition to fireworks, there were projections on everything, which we knew would be a thing because it's always a thing now. And it's not a good thing, either, for two reasons. First, they treat the walls of the buildings like they're flat screens, and they are not, so...well, just try using a projector to show an image on a bookcase, and you'll see what we mean. It doesn't work. Second, with all the projections and fireworks and lasers and inflatable skeletons going around, you never know what to look at. There's nothing to direct your attention to the important action. But to be fair, I'm not sure there is any important action. It was like they pulled out their Pixar playlist and just threw some images together that went with them. They also had Buzz Lightyear and Carl's house from Up fly past the castle, but neither of them looked very good. Buzz's silhouette was not nearly as good as Tinkerbell's, and the Up house looked kind of cheaply done. All in all, we were underwhelmed. But it did seem like they tried to match the fireworks with the music, so that's one thing in its favor.

As previously mentioned, we were too tired to do anything on Friday, so we recklessly took another day off. We used it to watch TV mostly, but we did read some work-related manga. First we finished watching The New Legends of Monkey, which drove us nuts, because the villain's evil plan hinged on having the main character translate a scroll, and we spent three episodes suggesting to her that she just "accidentally" translate the scroll wrong. It would at least buy them some time, if nothing else, but she never did. Frankly, she probably didn't even have to try to get it wrong, because even the best translators make mistakes. I think people who rely on entertainment that originated in a language they don't speak underestimate what all goes into a good translation. Like, if you think the Bible is translated perfectly... (On the other hand, if the language of the gods in this show was, like Aurebesh and Maraglyphs, just another font, then maybe Davari would have known she did it wrong. But if that's the case, why can't he just learn it himself?)

Anyway, yesterday was busy because the youth in our ward were having a fundraiser. We went and purchased the services of a woman in our ward who prints t-shirts. Now we just need to tell her what we want on them and we can get four of our very own original shirts. Tadah!

And now here we are, having just read more Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which almost made me forget entirely about how we spent a good chunk of today ranting about Mother's Day. I feel like I'm getting a little too reckless in voicing my controversial opinions lately (maybe it's the effect of being a whole 36 years old), but I think many people who don't like Mother's Day need to just get over it. I had a lot less patience for all the Facebook posts reminding everyone to be sensitive to the entire list of categories of women for whom Mother's Day might be difficult, or is a painful reminder of their life's failures. I'm like, "Look, I'm 36 and I'm not a mom and I don't have any prospects of ever being a mom, and despite the fact that my religion tells me that's one of the greatest, noblest, most important parts of being a woman, I don't feel like a failure, and neither should you." They still give me chocolate at church, so who cares? We even said the first couple of times we got chocolate, "But we're not mothers..." and they always say to take it anyway.

I don't know. It's a complex issue for a lot of people, and I don't feel equipped to address all the nuance about it. But mostly we feel like Mother's Day is a day to look back at your own mother and realize all of the things she did and sacrificed for you, and to be grateful for it. And as someone who has had a phase or two of really resenting her mother, I totally understand the people who have strained relationships with their mothers. You're totally justified in not celebrating Mother's Day. That's the other thing about people not liking holidays--it's not like it's illegal not to celebrate them. ...But on the other hand, I also understand how hard it can be to be constantly bombarded with it. It's kind of how we felt about Star Wars Day.

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for another lovely birthday luncheon at the Carthay Circle, the tasty spaghetti we had at the youth fundraiser, Page being so cute and letting us watch her burrow under a blanket, the children singing beautifully for their mothers today, and the super delicious triple chocolate cookies we got when we briefly ditched the auction to go to the Art Crawl Experience.
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