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The days continue on in much the same way as usual. We still haven't heard from any of our editors. No, scratch that, we heard from one editor, about a name spelling change going forward. So our schedule is still kind of up in the air. This might be because we didn't do our final read-through of Sailor Moon, and maybe our editors are all kindly holding off until we get that in.

In the meantime, we worked on Fire Force, and oh man, this volume. It's like super super serious, and then utterly ridiculous. Those folks at Kodansha do understand comic relief.

We also went to Target. We were reminded today, when we ran out of cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches, that we forgot to buy cheese when we went grocery shopping on Wednesday. We had plans to go to Target to get more renegade catfood, so we figured while we were there we could buy some peanut butter to make peanut butter sandwiches. So naturally we bought Biscoff cookie butter and dark chocolate peanut butter, because we are responsible adults. (There was no purchase of regular peanut butter. We...think...we have some.)

Today I'm thankful for dark chocolate peanut butter (we haven't tried it yet, but the friend who drove us (when we buy renegade catfood, we get the heavy bags) said she'd had it and it's good; we still don't know how her tastes correspond with ours), our friend being kind enough to drive us to Target, the thought of Biscoff cookie butter (still not sure what we'd eat it with; normal bread seems wrong somehow but graham crackers seem redundant), making fairly good progress on our Fire Force draft, and finding some good Land of the Lustrous shoes at Target (which we didn't buy because they only had one pair in our size, but at least we know they exist).
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