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Alethea & Athena
Happy surprises 
6th-May-2018 09:02 pm
Now that it's Sunday and we aren't constantly running around doing things (or chained to our computer doing things), we finally have time to give proper attention to the surprise we got on Wednesday. We had just gone to the radiologist for final x-rays on braces, and we had our ride drop us off over by our mailbox instead of by our apartment, because she doesn't usually give us rides and it was less confusing that way. So we actually got the mail on Wednesday, and there was a package! What! We were not expecting a package.

It was from lyschan! She sent us a birthday present! Oh my goodness, how thoughtful and amazing! Instead of tossing it on a pile to be opened when we felt like we had the time, we figured our schedule was already thrown off course by our trip to the radiologist anyway, so we opened it as soon as we got home. And it was a beautiful My Little Monster artbook! Oh my goodness!

We didn't have time to unshrink it (by which I mean "take the shrink-wrap off"), so that's when we set it aside to look at more closely. But today, we had time! And we looked at it, and it was beautiful, and I also can't help but wonder if it is also perhaps lys's subtle way of saying, "You know you want to get her next series..." And as a matter of fact, we do. And perhaps we will! But of course we didn't look through the artbook and think about getting more Robico manga until after we already agreed to join Cecille in Land of the Lustrous cosplay for Anime Expo, so now we're all worried about finances again.

And there are so many mixed feelings swirling around! I mean, we're thinking we'll probably end up buying our costumes, which will be a first for us when it comes to costumes that are not of the "see what you can throw together from the thrift store" variety, and that has me going, "But making costumes is my source of honor!" and at the same time going, "And when do you think you will ever possibly find time to make costumes, huh?" And with the new Robico series, we'll be reading it and be all, "Oh, if only I could translate this beautiful and hilarious series!" and then we'll be sad that we aren't, and we'll be even more sad to think that whoever is translating it is probably doing it wrong, except that A)it's extremely rude to assume that someone is doing something wrong when you haven't seen any examples of that person's work, and B)if we were to ever read it, we would probably want to see that it was done wrong, because it makes us feel more important, and that is also extremely rude.

So we ignored all of that (manga and cosplay) and went to read Harry Potter, which has the very important benefit of being already in our possession. And pretty much we just reminded ourselves of how awesome Lupin is, and how much we want good things for Neville. Seriously, I think I get all teary-eyed whenever anything good happens to him, because I'm just so happy for him, the poor guy.

Anyway. Thank you very much, lys, for the beautiful artbook! We did not already have a copy, and we're very glad we have one now! And if we did already have a copy, we wouldn't have had the bonus comic that they added to celebrate the live action movie. The very important thing we learned from that comic is that Japanese movie theaters sell caramel popcorn. I know that's a thing at the super swanky Arclight theaters in LA, but other than that, as far as I know, we only have buttered popcorn here in the States (where of course the word "butter" is used rather loosely; we were just at a popcorn stand at Disneyland the other day and heard the cast member assuring the people in line in front of us that there is no dairy in the butter). Japanese theaters also apparently have cheese popcorn. We are missing out in the States. Man.

Today I'm thankful for lys being so kind and thoughtful as to give us a birthday present, having our very own copy of the beautiful Robico artbook, having time to look through it today, having plans for a group cosplay at Anime Expo, and getting to read more Harry Potter.
8th-May-2018 02:12 pm (UTC)
Wahoo, you got it!! :D (I didn't have any ulterior motives beyond thinking you'd like it, but you DO need to read her new series!! I do understand the "if only" sadness, though. A couple series that I wanted to letter but didn't get to have come out in English (in print) and I bought them as a matter of course but I still haven't brought myself to read them.)

Japanese movie theatres do seem to go all out! I've heard their prices are pretty premium too... (although I guess ticket prices in the US are going up as well, so maybe it's not so different now, just without the extra popcorn flavours.) It was fun to remember Yuzan-san's sweets addiction :)

Awesome that you'll be cosplaying again! Even if you're purchasing the costumes, it sounds like fun!! Who will you be?
9th-May-2018 03:58 am (UTC)
We do plan to get it eventually anyway! But now our reckless spending is all going to Anime Expo.

That's a good point about movie ticket costs. We also seem to remember something about getting little pamphlets for the movie you're seeing... But some of that is from old anime and manga, so maybe things have changed now? I really have no idea.

We decided to go the obvious route. One of the reasons we cosplay is to get attention, so we have to play to our strengths (by which I mean there aren't as many twin cosplayers going around, so we use our twinness to our advantage).
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