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A surprise night out

We were out late tonight at a Relief Society thing which turned out to be longer than we had attention spans for but had some good socializing. Before that, we went with our friend to get some crepes at a new-ish crepe restaurant. They've had food trucks going around for a while, and now they have a more permanent location, in addition to the food trucks. Our friend offered to take us there for our birthday, and today was the day we were able to think about things other than finishing our immediate project, so we texted her and said, "How about tonight?" and she said, "There's a Relief Society thing, too. You wanna go?" And we said sure, and so our break turned out to be longer than expected.

Our schedule is still in a bizarre state of limbo. We're taking advantage of that fact to finish(?) Sailor Moon volume four. But in the meantime, I think my body is just trying whatever it can to get me to just stop for crying out loud. I've had a bit of a sore throat since yesterday, is what I'm saying. I think the plan is to still work, but maybe not after dinner. We'll see what we can handle. I just hope our editors haven't reassigned the serieseses that we think we should have heard about by now. We may be overworked, but we still love those series, and we still have bills to pay. On the other hand, we also turned down a new series offer today, but it was one that didn't really interest us, so it wasn't too painful.

Today I'm thankful for thoughtful friends taking us out for crepes, a lovely Relief Society activity, having a nice evening of not working, having time to work on Sailor Moon, and the yummy crepes we had for dinner.
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