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Birthday report

We're back from our birthday vacation and back to the grindstone. It's almost nine o'clock and we just stopped working. We haven't really looked at our schedule after this current assignment. We have a bunch of things on our to-do list, but almost all of them are things that we're "pretty sure" we're going to need to do soon, nothing that's been officially asked for. And two of them are things that we're pretty sure we should have been asked for last week, or at least today or yesterday.

So it's possible that our schedule is not full of doom, but it's also true that we still have to finish this one thing tomorrow, so it's better that we worked on it as much as we could today.

As for our birthday...! It was alright. We didn't die or kill anyone. I mean, we pretty much wore ourselves out almost completely last week, so it maybe wasn't the best idea to expend the energy to go to Disneyland, but we wanted to. And it started out pretty well. We missed our chance to get on Peter Pan's Flight early, because despite the fact that there's a race to it every morning as soon as the park opens, for some reason even the queue area was closed, so all the racers were stopped outside the neighboring little shop, and they were backed out all the way to Sleeping Beauty's drawbridge, and as soon as we realized we were going to have to go upstream to go stand in everybody's way, we decided it wasn't worth it and headed over to Alice in Wonderland instead.

After that, we went on almost everything else in Fantasyland (just missed the teacups, and Storybook Land, but we went on Casey, Jr., which is very close to the same thing, only on land and without a tour guide). They did a big refurb on Dumbo that opened very recently, so we got to see the shiny new queue area, look at the new posters advertising circus acts, and raise our eyebrows at the odd choice to use "euphonious" in the list of "alliterate" words relating to the horse (equestrian) act. "Exquisite" would have sounded more alliterate and made a lot more sense. (I just looked up "euphonious" right now. It doesn't make sense, unless people just really love the sound of hooves, or the horses wear jingle bells.)

After we made it on It's A Small World, the crowds starting picking up, and our high spirits started sinking down. (To be fair, they weren't super high to begin with. We are so tired.) After some wandering and going on Big Thunder, we decided to get some lunch at the Stage Door Cafe, and as luck would have it, there was absolutely no line. So I walked up to the cast member and asked for two orders of mozzarella sticks...only to be told that they don't do that anymore. (You'd think that a look at the menu would tell me that, but we've been ordering them off-menu for years now.) This was a bigger shock than we expected, not that we should have been surprised; when I told Gaston about it, he wasn't surprised, because they used to serve ice cream in multiple flavors at the Golden Horseshoe (shares a kitchen with Stage Door), and several months ago, they cut back to just vanilla.

Anyway, the cast member was deeply apologetic and tried to suggest similar things at other places (inside the Golden Horseshoe they had mac-n-cheese bites, and somewhere in California Adventure they had some spicy thing that I didn't even hear the rest of), but we didn't want a similar thing, we wanted mozzarella sticks. So now our options were to stay there and get chicken tenders, or to go to Red Rose Taverne and get little pizzas. We opted for the latter, and while we were there, a janitor noticed our birthday buttons and wished us a happy day and the energy to make it to the end of it. And we thought, "If you mean, 'the energy to stay here until closing,' I think that ship has sailed."

We caught a few more attractions, determined that Farley was not there that day, and made our way out of the park. We stopped at Coldstone's for some ice cream and then walked home. It was nice being home, though. We had a Freschetta pizza for dinner in case we decided we'd had enough of Disneyland, and! we played some Dissidia. This part was very important because our birthday was the very day they started the event where you can get Ace to join your party. Our favorite character (played by our favorite voice actor) from the game we translated! Awww, what a nice birthday present. Thanks, Square-Enix!

And we spent a while talking to Mom on the phone, which was also nice. So it wasn't the most amazing birthday ever, but it turned out pretty okay. Oh! And I just remembered that we also started watching The New Legends of Monkey on Netflix. A college friend of ours, with whom we shared a Saiyuki obsession, recommended we watch it, so we did, even though it came out after she recommended it that it was not animated. Also, I don't know what it is, but when I feel like a girl is going out of her way to be a tough girl (or like a series is going out of its way to make her a tough girl), it bugs me. Still, the story is interesting enough (after just one episode; we have a lot of things we want to do and not a lot of time), and most importantly! Monkey is played by the dude who played Zac in Mako Mermaids, so suddenly we're more interested. We'll see if we can ever find time to watch more.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our main work quota, all the thoughtful birthday wishes we got yesterday, the Coldstone's across the street from Disneyland, having Ace on our parties in Dissidia, and our little sister's belated birthday phone call (it may have been deliberately belated, because our family knows we usually go to Disneyland on the day of).
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