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On the way to church today, our home teacher told us that the Bishop just likes to do things like give people pizza and money. Then he told us about when he was doing an art show (he's a photographer), and he had one photo going for $165, and the Bishop said he didn't have any money and his checkbook was in the car, so could he pay him the next day. Home teacher agrees, and the next day, the Bishop gives him a card with some money and tells him to keep the change. Inside were two hundred-dollar bills. Home teacher tells Bishop that he overpaid him $45 (Athena pointed out just now that it was actually $35, but that's not the point), and Bishop said, "Well it's a really good picture!" I'm glad the world has people like that.

This morning right between the time alarm went off and we decided we'd get up after the next ring (we're actually really good about that, usually; if we decide we'll get up after the next ring, that's when we're up) and the next ring, the Bishop's wife called and invited us to lunch. She said she had all sorts of things to make sandwiches, and then asked what I like on sandwiches. That was awkward because of our pickiness, and I wish I had been a tad more awake so I could have explained myself better. But we got it all worked out and we went over to her house after church and had grilled cheese sandwiches and it was very nice. Being obsessed with Disneyland as we are, it's very easy for us to relate anything to Disneyland, so we managed to talk about that for a while, and that always makes me happy. I do feel a little bad for being so hard to please, though.

Today I'm thankful that we got to have lunch with the Bishop's wife, and for Doritos, mint Hershey kisses, wheat bread, and Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.
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