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Birthday weekend day two

Day two of our birthday weekend was a success! I mean, not like we were planning anything grandiose. We went to church and people wished us happy birthday. There was a little bit of awkwardness in that we just got a new Primary presidency, and they were just as eager to wish us happy birthday as the last presidency, but they weren't quite sure how to go about it, and it resulted in Athena leading the kids in singing happy birthday to both of us, which is just kind of weird. Like, "Okay, everybody, time to sing happy birthday to me!" There was one other kid in the Primary's jurisdiction with a birthday this week (today, in fact), but she was so young that she was in the Nursery, so we wouldn't have been able to sing to her even if her family wasn't on vacation.

Other than that, it was mostly just a nice, relaxing day. Our friend who drives us to church made plans to take us out for crepes sometime this week, and she got her grandkids to draw us birthday cards that were super sweet. We spent some time writing to our own nieces and nephews, including some instructions to the one of our nephews who wants to be a ninja when he grows up. (Steve, if you are reading this, I want you to know that "hai" can mean "yes, master," and I will fight you on it, but more importantly don't give it away! we don't want them to be expecting letters; we want it to be a surprise.) (For those of you who won't have the benefit of reading the letter, one of the things we told them was that a good ninja obeys his or her master, which in their case would be their mom and dad, so when their parents ask them to do something, they can say "hai!" (yes, master!) and go do it. We also told them to practice being sneaky by playing hide-and-seek.)

Then we experimented with cornbread and honey. The experiment was mostly a success in that it was delicious at first, but then we had too much of it. Corn and honey are both sweet, so we're going to need more than just butter to balance it out.

Finally, we read more Harry Potter. This week, we started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the more I read the series again, the more I think Fred and George really are the best. My favorite part this time was when Mrs. Weasley chided them for not being made prefects, and they were like, "Why would we want to do a stupid thing like that?" They saw the standards that their culture had set for success and they decided they really just didn't care. One of my biggest hangups lately is people being insecure because they're failing to do things the way they're "supposed to," so that really struck a chord with me today. Who says you're supposed to be like that? What's going to happen if you're not?

Anyway. Tomorrow is our actual birthday, so we're going to make the most of it by studiously avoiding work! We had one project that we could have finished early and gotten paid for sooner instead of having to wait a whole other month, but we didn't make good enough progress on it last week, so we emailed our boss and said, "We'll have it for you by the end of May 1st, no problem!" and he emailed back with, "And you're sure you're okay with getting paid a month later?" and we replied with, "Absolutely, 100% fine with it." We like to get paid because this world still requires money for survival (or the ability to live off the land, which we don't have), but that's not why we do what we do.

Today I'm thankful for a relaxing pre-birthday Sunday, Fred and George Weasley and their refusal to do things just because society tells them they should, having a whole day off tomorrow (whether we live to regret it or not), our cornbread experiment being mostly successful, and the beautiful birthday cards we got from our friend('s grandkids).
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