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The work has arrived

Woooo, today was fun. For values of "fun" that include mostly just "full of work." But to be fair, we do like our job. Of course, we would like it a lot more if we could ever do anything else. In our spare minutes, we managed to evaluate and realize that what we need most to give us hope for life right now is to just not have to be working. We're still working on a good second place contender.

In the meantime, we try to achieve our dream of not having to be working (at least not all the time) by trying to get all the work done and out of the way. Today this involved a first draft of a lovely shoujo manga, and then finally one of the big time-consuming things we were planning to do this week finally hit. So we started work on that. Fortunately, it's due later than we expected, because our boss is a reasonable person. Unfortunately, that manga first draft took just a little longer than expected (based on how work went most of the day, so it wasn't an entirely unreasonable expectation), and it's amazing how far back just a little lost time can push you. Oh well, we're making fairly good time anyway.

Today I'm thankful for fluffy shoujo manga to work on, making reasonably good progress on the other thing, finishing our first draft of the manga as well, Page not being too much of a nuisance, and the beautiful weather we had today (which is probably part of why Page was less nuisancey--it's too warm to enjoy the laptop too much).
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