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The wait for materials continues. This is a very good thing for progress on Sailor Moon, which is really what we want to work on the most. But I don't think it's going to be a good thing for our future schedule. We decided to check our calendar, in case there was anything we should maybe work on right now so it would be out of the way when we finally get the materials we're waiting for, and there's SO MUCH of it! We redid our to-do list, and it's basically a bunch of, "You're probably going to want this done ASAP, so just pick your favorite and work like crazy."

So we picked Sailor Moon, and I sort of want to say it's not because we like it better than the other things we could have chosen, but that sounds like we don't like Sailor Moon that much. To be honest, right now, it is kind of making me want to throw things. All of these sentences that are so easy to understand in Japanese but nearly impossible to render in natural-sounding English! I don't know, maybe they're not that impossible for somebody else. We all have different skill sets, after all. But I'm still grateful that we have the opportunity to try!

Today I'm thankful for making more progress on Sailor Moon, getting to talk to Mom, surviving the turquoise cake, the zany fun we have while trying to come up with decent translations for Sailor Moon, and getting to pre-order Princess Principal t-shirts (we may have been feeling a little self-destructive last night after the whole simulpub fiasco).
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