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This was a really good Sunday and I almost wish it wouldn't end. But I'm glad that if we have to go into a Week of Doom, we had a really nice relaxing day to precede it. Not much to report about it, though. We mostly just read Harry Potter, and daydreamed about what we want to do for our birthday.

We found out that you can order special birthday cakes at Disneyland with character themes and stuff, so we're thinking we might want to splurge and get one, but then we'll have to write a very detailed review afterward, because the least pricey option is a 6-inch cake for $60. A splurge like that needs to be evaluated in excruciating detail.

But it's risky, because we think we might not be able to do it without a reservation to one of their table-service restaurants, and fancy-shmancy places like that still make us waaaaaay too nervous to try it on our own. Foodie Friend Gaston hasn't yet realized that our birthday is coming up, and he'll be spending the preceding weekend being extremely busy for mostly valid reasons, so we didn't want to give him more logistics to work out. That, and we just don't like telling people it's our birthday for some reason. We're okay with that, though, because it just means we'll likely end up celebrating our birthday twice.

Today I'm thankful for a very restful Sunday, fun ideas for our birthday, the beautiful weather we had today, scoring a very interesting turquoise cake for Bread Day, and lovely afternoons spent reading.
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