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Alethea & Athena
The day of evaporating time 
21st-Apr-2018 09:11 pm
The original plan for today was basically to just read manga all day. That didn't really work, though, because it's Saturday, the day when all our time magically evaporates. We didn't even get two volumes read, and it's not a very talkative series. It can get technical sometimes, but we're alternating between Japanese and English, so that's only a problem half the time. The problem is it's a series we're taking over and I think we're starting with, like, volume 19 or something, so we really need to get up to speed, and quickly. We'll just have to try again next week, because there is no way we will possibly have any free time to read manga during the week this week. Unless, as mentioned yesterday, In/Spectre goes miraculously quickly and/or we don't get materials so things have to get put off.

On the bright side, part of the time evaporation came from talking to friends, so that was nice. Gaston called, and we both nearly had heart attacks at the thought of him trying to go to Disneyland this coming week, but fortunately, he was really just calling to talk so that he wouldn't fall asleep on his long drive home (with a hands-off system, so he's not breaking any laws).

Today I'm thankful for having a legitimate excuse to read manga, getting to talk to friends, getting to buy pizza at the grocery store this week, having Reese's spread to save the day when we had absolutely no interest in eating any of the stuff we normally eat, and not having plans to go to Disneyland this week.
22nd-Apr-2018 06:32 pm (UTC) - Oof
Hope you'll get a chance to take a break and read all the manga you need soon!

Do you two take over an ongoing series a lot, or is it usually a few times you've had to do it?
22nd-Apr-2018 09:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Oof
Back in our TokyoPop days, it happened all the time. These days it's more of an occasional thing. Before this one, we recently took over Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight. Usually we take over at around volume three or four; taking over this late in the game is rare. The only other time it happened was with Negima (started with 22), but we'd already read the series as research for Negima!? neo, and then so we could make the series style guide.
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