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We finished work early today, so instead of getting ahead on work (which would have been a fantastic idea considering our upcoming workload), we decided to watch the rest of season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events. We just didn't want to be stuck with just two more episodes forever and ever, which also seems like a not-entirely-unlikely scenario given our upcoming workload. I knew it wasn't going to have as clean an ending as the episode we had watched more recently, but I did not expect it to be a literal cliffhanger. (Spoiler alert.) It's kind of funny, maybe, because I actually was just thinking either today or yesterday about the origin of the term cliffhanger, and how Mom or Dad told me it was because back in the day, they would have these Western series, and episodes would end with the hero hanging from a cliff, so you'd have to tune in next time to see how he survives.

In other news...there is no other news. I mean, maybe there is. I mentioned yesterday that we finally got to work on Sailor Moon, so we were immersed in Sailor Moon World for a couple of days. We finished our first draft of volume four, so now we're coming up for air. It gives us a lot to think about for all kinds of reasons. And I think I had something specific to talk about when I brought that up, but bringing it up reminded me of something else that may not be so good to talk about here, so now I'm all mixed up and I can't remember what I was going to talk about. Oh well.

We did almost make a big impulsive manga order, but then we realized that we don't even know what manga we want anymore. All we know is that we keep seeing pictures from Pink Mermaid at Kodansha, and we want to read it. Only they call it Peach Mermaid, because they didn't consult us. In English, peach is like a pinkish-orange because we refer to the color of the fruit. In Japan, peach is very very pink, and our guess that it's because they refer to the color of the flowers. Maybe everyone involved knows that but they went with peach anyway for reasons unknown to us. Maybe the fruit figures into the story somehow. Anyway, it looks super cute, and we're super bummed that we're not translating it, but if we were translating it, we would be even more super crunched than we already are. I think we just want to read all the Dessert manga, even though we don't always like Dessert. It doesn't seem practical to get a subscription, though, as indicated by our pile of unread National Geographic History magazines.

Today I'm thankful for having time to finish watching A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Two, Page being kind enough to vacate my chair when we were done, finishing our first draft of Sailor Moon volume four, plans to one day figure out what manga we want to read and buy it, and the amusement afforded us by the idea of how some translators might react to the above sentence that uses "super" three times entirely unironically.
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