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Ah! Just barely missed midnight! Ah well. Today has been a very good day. It was weird going over the list of stuff from the bishop's storehouse, because we're like, "Maybe we should ask for, like, baking powder..." but we don't normally get baking powder (we mostly eat microwavables), so we feel like it would be more of a luxury than a necessity. I just need to remind myself that cake mix was on the list.

We're hoping the pizza was meant as a reassurance that it's okay, but it really did freak us out at first. The question is, is it an "after much tribulation come the blessings" thing or is it a "where much is given much is required" thing? I guess we should really just treat it as both, since service is a good thing in general. But thinking that it might be the second thing, we start to get a little worried about what might be in store.

Anyway, tonight I'm very thankful that the RS President came over to help us get food, and that the Bishop came over and gave us pizza, and for cheesy bites pizza (our new favorite kind!), getting to bed early, and baking powder.
Tags: money issues, tender mercies

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