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Back to work as usual

No word from the TNR place today. We may have to start looking into the other groups that they list on their site...and in retrospect, I'm wondering if the fact that they have that list means they know they're not very helpful. It might not be because they don't want to be, though. Maybe they have a hard time getting volunteers and/or resources. The aggravating thing about it is that we're too busy to look into it still.

We are pretty much on schedule this week, and we did take time to watch more of A Series of Unfortunate Events tonight, but we did it knowing full well that we might regret it later. We might end up working until bedtime tomorrow, is what I'm saying. We look at our schedule and think we might just baaaarely have time to fit everything in, and in the back of our minds we have things timidly reminding us that they still exist and will need some time, too, before long. Like, we probably have a Fire Force deadline coming up fairly soon. Basically what it all boils down to is that our schedule feels like it's not too full, but we're aware that we're probably going to have a crunch soon if we're not careful. But right now, "careful" means taking time to do not-work, relaxing things when we have the chance.

Today I'm thankful for having time to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events, finishing our work quota today, finishing watching TV before bedtime (we were determined to watch all of The Hostile Hospital), remembering to pay our taxes, and having a YumeTwins box to look forward to opening.
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