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Well, the constant thwarting of our plans continues. We had it all worked out. We were going to either finish or get really close to finishing My Monster Secret today, then we'd finally get to work on Sailor Moon tomorrow before going to Disneyland on Thursday (it's the day Gaston is most likely to want to go, since it's the last day of the California Food & Wine Festival, but whether or not he comes, it's also the last day Farley will be there before his vacation), and probably also going to Disneyland on Friday because if Gaston is involved, that's how things usually go.

The first indication that this was not a viable plan came when our anime boss emailed to let us know the next episodes of this season's anime are ready for us, and they want them very soon. And frankly, that in and of itself pretty much ruined our whole schedule. Not that we mind doing the work, just the Sailor Moon keeps getting farther and farther away...

Then I had to go pick up my retainer from the dentist, and that took a long time, because it was too tight, because, as I feared, my teeth moved during the retainer-free week. Fortunately, there was someone there who had a lot of experience dealing with this kind of retainer, and she was able to help! Unfortunately, it took a long time, and we were at the dentist for like an hour. We got Joe's Italian Ice afterward anyway.

Then we had another couple of errands to run, and now here we are at bedtime, not even through the first of two episodes we were supposed to translate today. Le sigh.

Today I'm thankful for getting our errands run, that lady at the dentist who knew just what to do about my retainer, getting to talk to some people from church, the lovely weather today, and getting to see Boots.
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