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Well, things are happily ahead of schedule, but maybe not as far ahead of schedule as they need to be for us to accomplish all our purposes. It's tough to say. But we reached our "this is a stretch, but it would be nice if..." goal today, and we even had time to watch a couple of episodes of B: The Beginning. Should we have worked some more? If we wanted to get more work done, absolutely. If we wanted to consider the idea that maybe getting some rest is a good idea, I think it wasn't the worst thing to stop and watch anime.

In the meantime, we keep ourselves up at night talking about translating and how to not be lazy about it. I think I mentioned a while ago that we came across an old blog post stating the opinion that translators who leave the Japanese honorifics in are lazy. We've been having a hard time letting it go. So we talk about all the thought and research we put into stuff, which is also kind of a fun way to reminisce.

Recently, I remembered back in college when our professor told us about a literature translator who wanted to translate everything, so when tabi socks were mentioned, he translated them to "bifurcated footpads." It made me think about "translating" honorifics (which I still have yet to be convinced is not simply removing them), and I thought it could be neat to come up with a list of alternatives so we can take out all of those pesky Japanese words and have a fully English experience. But I'm too busy and tired to come up with anything, so right now the only thing on the list is bifurcated footpads. Maybe someday we'll have more. But for now, it's the weekend, and we intend to take full advantage of it.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work goal, having time to watch anime, Yuki Kaji finally having a decent amount of speaking time in this show (still not the ideal amount of speaking time, but much better than previous episodes), the term "bifurcated footpads," and having some time to lie down today.
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