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Moving right along

Work is going slowly. We did have a major delay, though, in the form of a trip to the orthodontist. The good news is that I had my impression taken to get my retainer. Tadah. The bad news, which is really not that bad, is that now I have no braces (since I got the Invisalign style of retainer) for a week until they make it for me, and I'm a little paranoid that my teeth are going to get all loose and move all around where they shouldn't in the meantime. But we already had a pizza for dinner and so far everything seems okay.

The other bad news is that we were hoping to start work on Sailor Moon tomorrow, but that's looking like a big no can do. But maybe this thing we're working on will surprise us and go super fast tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting my braces off, getting to get some Italian ice, there finally being new episodes of Miraculous on Netflix (someday we'll get to start watching them), getting to have a yummy pizza for dinner, and getting to listen to our DisneySea Music Album.
Tags: busyness, dentists

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