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Back in the thick of it

Aaaannd we're back to work work work work working all the time♪ We think it might not be as bad as it looked when we were thinking about our schedule over the weekend, but we still have a lot to do and not a whole lot of time to do it in. We might have gotten a little extra done today, but we were thwarted by the need to organize all our tax info and send it to our accountant. But we did get more done than we thought we would as of about seven hours ago.

And we finished this month's chapter of UQ Holder!, so we don't have to worry about any more surprises until they give us more AICO Incarnation to work on. We haven't mentioned that before, because it hadn't been announced yet, but now it has, so! by the way, we're translating the manga version of AICO Incarnation. It was one of those things that had us like, "What? A new title? How can we possibly fit another title into our schedule?" But the first chapter had very little text, and when we watched the trailer for the anime, we felt pretty good about it, so we agreed, because we're gluttons for manga. The manga's not quite the same as the anime, so if you think you don't need to read the manga because you watched the anime...well, if you didn't really like it that much, you may still be right, but! I'm sure there will be a free sample, so you can check out the differences and see if it looks more appealing.

Anyway, we have a busy week ahead, so we better go to sleep. Today I'm thankful for being done with the hard part of taxes (not the painful part, just the hard part), work progress not being too terrible, a really cute chapter of UQ Holder! this month, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross finally offering sheep Spirits, and colanders.
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