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Alethea & Athena
Happy Easter! 
1st-Apr-2018 09:01 pm
I always like to say something about Easter, because it is such an important day. I mean, everybody makes such a big deal about Christmas, but Christmas wouldn't mean anything without Easter. I think I say something every year about how it was only the most important event in all history. And guess what! Today at General Conference, Elder Uchtdorf gave a talk that said the same thing! Only way better, because he's such a good speaker. So have a link to his excellent talk about why we celebrate Easter! (It's about 18 minutes long.)

On a related note, we were reading a discussion about Easter eggs, and everybody was like, "Y'all know it's just a pagan tradition that got assimilated into the Christian holiday, right?" And that's kind of how we felt about it, too, until! somebody came along and said, "No seriously, y'all know that a roast egg has always been a part of the Passover Seder, right?" And we were like, "!!! We did not know that." I mean, maybe we did in the sixth grade (or whatever grade that was) when we studied world history and Passover was part of it, but that was a billion years ago, so we forgot. But what we did not forget is that each food item in the Passover Seder is symbolic of something. So I looked it up at Wikipedia, and discovered that the roast egg symbolized the temple sacrifice. And of course the temple sacrifice represents Jesus, so eggs have been a symbol of Christ all along! I think. There might be some details that we're missing. Maybe someday I'll look it up more carefully.

Today I'm very thankful for Jesus Christ and His atonement and for what that means for all of us, having a very intense General Conference, otherwise getting to spend a nice restful Sabbath at home, the tasty Baked Ruffles we ate at dinnertime, and the super cute picture of Chip and Dale on our calendar for April.
3rd-Apr-2018 06:34 pm (UTC)
Happy Easter to you, belatedly!!

When we decorated pysanky eggs as an activity at our church the other day, the woman who taught us shared a brief history of the tradition, and her explanation had a point about how the eggs coming from older pagan traditions didn't make them illegitimate as a way to celebrate for Christians; I'm trying to remember how she explained it, because it seemed like a good perspective to me.

It was something like, people had developed this artistry and symbolism and cultural tradition over so many years, but when individual artisans heard the gospel and accepted Christ's gift of salvation, they didn't just give up and reject all the skill they'd learned or the art form they'd developed. Instead, they were able to put their artistic and creative gifts to new use for their Christian faith. And likewise, we all have various gifts and interests and learning about all sorts of subjects, and having our heart and life transformed by God doesn't erase that, but rather gives us new ways to apply and use our gifts for his glory!
4th-Apr-2018 01:22 am (UTC)

That does make a lot of sense--no sense giving up your talents just because you changed religion.
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