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We just finished watching Gakuen Babysitters, or School Babysitters, if you want to call it by its English title. As I said way back when, we didn't much care for the first episode, but that might have just been because we disagreed with the casting. Once we got over that, things picked up. We were our usual selves about the subtitles, though. It was a little harder this time, because our favorite nephew used to talk like Kotaro, and the subtitler seemed to have a hard time getting behind the concept of incomplete words, so all of the Nicha and Bacha and lemma-tea became Nii-chan and Baa-chan and lemon tea, and we were like, "You don't understand the charm of incomplete words." And, "Clearly you've never had a child brandish a lollipop at you and shout, 'La-pa-so!'" (That means "lollipop sword," in case you were wondering.

The other thing about it is that Daisuke Ono sings the opening theme, and he's just so cute about it that it makes us think back on him playing Daikoku in Noragami and Yato saying, "He really likes kids." "Don't make it sound creepy!" I think it's nice when men like children. Anyway, Ono-D is really good as Saikawa.

The show also forced us to realize that the girl who played Momiji Sohma at about age 13 is now around thirty. I'm kind of past the, "Wow, that makes me feel old," thing, but it is kind of weird to think of a child actress as being old enough to play the mother of twins (and one of the twins, but the twins are super young).

Other than that, this week is General Conference. We've had two really great sessions so far. Most of my thoughts on it are personal, but if you're interested, here's a link to some videos. I would recommend David A. Bednar's talk on meekness, and Larry Echo Hawk's talk on forgiveness.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Gakuen Babysitters, two great sessions of General Conference, making it to and from the store before the second session started, Freschetta being on sale, and getting to talk to our sister on the phone.
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