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Our workload continues to be kind to us...although that's partly because we're deliberately ignoring some things that will probably come back to bite us next week. But in the meantime, we are enjoying our evenings off. We also finally submitted our panel application to Anime Expo. We would have done it sooner, but we wanted to make sure we were doing it right, so we emailed them to ask, and we were waiting for answers. And today they answered, so we finally applied! Tadah! But that doesn't mean we're doing a panel yet. We have to wait and see if they approve it.

In the meantime, there are other goings on. We thought it would be a neat thing to do to write letters to our nieces and nephews, so a couple of weeks ago, we sat down and wrote a letter to each set--first to Celeste's kids, then to Sarah's kids. We sent them both on the same day, and we were a little worried because the stationery we used had a spot for the return address under the address we wanted to send it to. We figured it would be okay as long as all the postal workers read the places where it said "to" and "from," and indeed when we checked the mail two days later, neither of them had been returned, so it seemed like everything was okay.

Then we were talking to Mom on the phone, as we tend to do on Mondays. She asked us if we'd written a letter to one of our nephews. In fact, we had written to all of them, but what we had not foreseen was the possibility that only one of the two letters would be delivered. And since the sets of kids live in different cities, we expected even less for the one nephew who can probably read to be showing off his letter to his cousin who, unbeknownst to us, had no letter. My, my, my, this was a problem, because the mother of the kids whose letter never showed is the one who keeps score.

That's okay, though! Because, not realizing that the letter was addressed to our favorite nephew and his siblings, she probably just figured we only wrote to him because he's our favorite (this is an undeniable fact, but in our defense, we moved away before any of the others were able to display their personalities). So instead of getting mad at us, she had her kid draw us a picture in an attempt to elicit a letter out of us. And it's a good thing that Grandma explained the situation to us, because otherwise we would have gotten a cute picture of a tiny flower in the mail and been like, "Oh, wow, this is nice... I wonder what it's for..." Maybe we would have thought to call the boy's mother. We almost certainly would have thought to do that before thinking, "Hey, maybe he wants a letter!"

As for the whereabouts of the undelivered letter, we happened to check the mail after that phonecall with Mom, and there it was, sitting right there in our mailbox. Probably sat there the whole weekend, too, because we are so lazy about the mail. Since we think the problem was with address placement, we put the cute stationery in a plain envelop and addressed it normally, then put it right back in the mailbox to be sent again (we hope). If all went well, it should be in the child's possession by now. Who knew that trying to write to nieces and nephews would turn out to be so complicated? (Athena says, "I did. That's why I didn't want to.")

Today I'm thankful for another lovely evening off, getting all the letter business sorted out (we hope), hearing back from Anime Expo, having our panel application sent, and getting to sit with Page while I read Harry Potter.
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