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Oh, today was such a good day, I don't want it to end! Thanks to the magic of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight and its extremely low text density, paired with the miracle of not having anything so pressing that we needed to also work on that (that we know of...), we had the entire afternoon off! Oh my goodness, it was amazing. We even went to the grocery store and still had time to write a review of My Brother the Shut-In, and spend an hour reading Harry Potter and watch the last three episodes of AICO, and even watch an episode of Gakuen Babysitters. It was the most wonderful thing...♪

And now it's ending and I'm afraid it won't come back. Stroke of Midnight is usually not so bad as far as editing, so we might be okay again tomorrow, and the rest of the week is set for Hanako-kun, which also tends to not demand too much time (and I'm super excited to see more of Akane-kun). But there's an unknown variable, and it makes me nervous.

On the bright side! the variable has been announced, so we can tell you about it! Sentai Filmworks is branching out into...I guess they're called dubcasts now? I thought they were called simuldubs, but people probably got too hung up on the fact that they're not simultaneously released with the subtitled version. People get super hung up on literal meanings of words in weird places, and not hung up at all on places where it's actually important. But anyway, it probably is less confusing. The point is, we're translating the Devils' Line anime, and since they want to release each dubbed episode very soon after each subtitled episode, the schedule is a little unusual. And we're not entirely sure what they means for us. So we're juuuuust a little bit nervous that we might be plunged into another vast sea of busyness very soon. At any rate, we should be finished with this season's anime a little early, which would be good. But if they put us on another dubcast, the break won't mean much. At least we won't be working on two anime series at once, like we were at the end of Mitsuboshi Colors.

Anyway, I guess all there is for it is to just go forward optimistically, and be grateful for the free time when we have it. Man, today was such a good day.

Today I'm thankful for the miraculous free afternoon we had, having pizza again, getting to reread Harry Potter, the chance to work on a dubcast, and the adorableness of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight.
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