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This week was looking really promising as far as workload was concerned, but then! we got a simulpub chapter to translate. But it was the easiest chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer that we've had in a while, so we forgive it. Especially because we had time to finish our original work goal and the chapter of Cramer and have a little time to goof off before dinner! (By which we mean "write a review of Hatsu*Haru" and play Kingdom Hearts.)

What we did not have time to do was go to the grocery store. We usually go grocery shopping on Saturday, but Gaston and Alice were visiting, so we didn't, which was okay, because we aren't really running low on food, but! what we were out of is dinner food. So instead of pizza like we usually have, we had cereal for dinner. We thought about ordering a pizza, but we spent a lot of money on food at Universal Studios, so we wanted to be frugal.

And then we called Mom and ended up talking longer than usual, so now we're up past our bedtime anyway! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our work for today, learning about today's tricky soccer term from another thing last week, having a lovely chat with Mom and Steve on the phone, finally getting the March YumeTwins box, and Athena's loom being warped and almost ready to go for a new project.
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