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Well, work didn't go as quickly as we'd hoped, but we did meet our minimum goal. We were kind of lackadaisical about things anyway. We took our time with everything, even up to the end. We had about an hour of work left, and I just wanted something fun and upbeat, so I put in the Sailor Moon Musical Best Songs Collection. When we first started working on Sailor Moon and took that CD off the forbidden list, it wasn't so much of a problem, because we'd forgotten all the lyrics, so even if we were tempted to sing along, we would sing maybe half a line before we were like, "I don't know this song anymore." But since we've been listening to it more often, and since we've been watching the musicals again, the lyrics are coming back to us. That being the case, we stopped to sing maybe more often than we should have. Like, we have a mini assignment that we might have been able to finish in the time we took singing. ...Maybe not, though, because it involves a lot of cross-checking, which can take time.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the big day to go back to Universal Studios, and I don't know why we're so excited about it. Actually, we're maybe a little less excited about it, now that it's here and we're faced with the lack of sleep. Or rather, the waking up early. Athena says, and I agree, she thinks she's just excited to go somewhere pretty, where she doesn't have to worry about work, and she's not being reminded that Disney is steadily destroying everything we love. I mean, there's a chance we'll remind ourselves of that in a, "Why can't Disney be more like this?" sort of way, but that will be our own darn fault.

Speaking of Disney. Earlier, I wanted another fun CD, so I put in our Mermaid Lagoon album from DisneySea, and it has the soundtrack to the Triton's Theater show. There's a part where Ariel notices all the humans who came to see her, and she's SO excited that we're all there. And we think that's something that Disney here in America is forgetting--they don't really make us feel welcome so much. I mean, they don't really make us feel unwelcome, either,'s like when we were in college, and our roommates' friends would come over...and just sit there while our roommates continued to read or do stuff on their computers. It was the weirdest thing, and I don't understand why either party let things go on like that, but I guess it works for a lot of people, because it's kind of what Disneyland is doing now (only at least they're making the ignoring more interesting to watch), and they're more popular than ever. Sigh.

Anyway, part of why we fell so deeply in love with Disneyland as kids is that when we'd go new places, we were always really nervous, and we weren't sure if it was "okay" for us to be there (we still get that way a lot; it's why we don't go to restaurants unless Gaston and Alice take us), but Disneyland not only let us know it was okay, they made us feel like they actively wanted us to be there, and not just for our money (and maybe that's what they liked about us, but they were good at pretending it wasn't). Oh well. We have more psychoanalysis we can do about that, but we also have to get ready for our guests.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good amount of work done, also having time to make things slightly more presentable for our guests, having plans to go back to Wizartopia, the beautiful rainy weather we had today, and the rain letting up in time for us to take out the trash.
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