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Almost there?

We're really really really hoping that this really is the hill. The hill where we're like, "If we can just get over this hill, things will even out!" with our schedule. But last time Alice was visiting, she remembered that the time before that we had told her that we were pretty sure that if we could get through that crunch, things would be a lot better. So she asked about it, and we said, yeeeeah, that was a not so much, but we think maybe this time! ...And of course that's turned out to be a not so much, too. But this time! this time! we really are finishing two projects with no future volumes...except that there's still a little bit of extra stuff to one of them, so it's already kind of iffy. But once that extra stuff is done! Maybe!

In the meantime, I really did have somebody say to me at church yesterday, "But it's good that you're so busy, right?" And I had to explain to him that no, it's not, because we're literally working up until bedtime, and not just once or twice a week, like almost every day, and I think maybe there was a glimmer of understanding, but I also think we may have explained this to him before.

Actually this week's load would be completely reasonable if we weren't also planning to go to Universal Studios. *thinks* Maybe not completely reasonable. But anyway, we were talking to Mom on the phone and she was like, "But you're going to Universal Studios, so you must have some time," and we're like, "No, we don't. But we want to go anyway." I think it comes from the increasing urge to do anything but work. I mean, we do love our job, but there's some kind of subconscious rebellion going on. Like when Noragami 12 broke our brains, times at least ten.

We're worried that taking a day or two off would just result in the fear that we're not making the most of it, so we're thinking that what we really, truly want (other than to return to Potterpalooza) is a work schedule where we actually have free time in the evenings. And if we could have free time some afternoons, too, that would be amazing. So we keep working and we keep hoping.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, also meeting our above-quota goal, having a nice relaxing Sunday yesterday, the hope that maybe this really is the last hill for a while, and having so many clients that trust us.
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