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My kind of Saturday

Wah, ha, ha, ha!! We took the day off today, so take that! (<--meaning unknown) And actually it's Saturday, so it really only makes sense to take the day off, right? Right! Unless you have two not-so-small projects and a trip to a theme park planned in the next week...which is exactly what we have. But we decided not to let that bother us, because sometimes you have to sharpen the knife. (You guys all know about that metaphor, right?)

So instead of working...well, we did do some chores, so that was kind of working, but it's the sort of work we tend to put off in favor of money-earning work, despite being no less important. So we did some of that work, but then we had two (TWO!) whole (WHOLE!) hours to spare this evening, so we took them! BAM! And we watched a Sailor Moon Musical! WHAMMO! And it was the revised SuperS musical, which was the very first one we ever watched, and oh the memories and the loveliness, and as expected, we understood the boring songless part a lot better! It still dragged on a little bit, even knowing what they were saying. The Amazon Trio is still the best. Oh! That reminds me! I don't know if I mentioned this in relation to the musical we saw last week, but oh my goodness, you guys!!!! Ryuji Kasahara is Chaos!!! That's so much the best! He was a villain in, like, almost every of the first set of Sailor Moon musicals, so we were really happy that he wasn't completely rejected for this new all-female (except for Ryuji Kasahara and some stagehands) cast. One of these days we'll remember to check if they let Yuta Mochizuki play anyone in any of the pre-Stars ones.

We also called our little sister and talked to her. We totally need to do that more often, but we keep imagining that she's only free when we're super busy with work. We're going to hat to figure that out.

Today I'm thankful for having a free evening, finally getting some chores done, having a lovely conversation with our dear little sister, salted caramel susans, and the revised Sailor Moon SuperS musical from 1996.
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