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A little discouraged

Weeellll, work is taking longer than expected. And frankly, by now we should be expecting that, because it's been the story of our lives for the last several weeks. We're hoping it's just because this one project involves something we're not used to, and once we get used to it, maybe it won't take so long anymore. I really really hope.

In the meantime, a Facebook friend posted a picture of herself at Harry Potter Land, and I don't know if it was in Florida or California, but for some reason it made me extremely grumpy, even though we have plans to go to Pottertopia sometime next week. The best we could figure is that the pictures, coupled with the work taking forever, made us extra jealous that people were reminding us that fun things exist to do, because we feel like we will never, ever have time to do them. But all we can do is keep working and hoping that, while some things take longer than expected, maybe other things will take less time than expected. And in the meantime, IHOP has some international-style pancakes that look super yummy, and maybe we'll have time to go try them!

Today I'm thankful for taking time to watch an episode of anime (was it the best use of time? we don't know, but at least it was still work-related), realizing that work really isn't all that bad, Page being super cute and maybe concerned about us working too hard, the hope that maybe this time we'll get over the work hill and things really will level out a little, and still having a super adorable peacock supervisor.
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