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Busy weekend

I don't know if the last two days count as "this weekend" or "last weekend," but either way, it was certainly a busy one. I mean, sort of. We really only had the one thing to do on Saturday, but oh boy, did it take forever.

We went to see Sailor Moon Musical: La Mouvement Finale in Los Angeles! Tadah! And we couldn't find a ride, so we had to take the bus. And the bus that had the least thinking involved for us involved a lot of walking to get to the stop, and we ended up running late because I forgot my phone, and so we were walking superfast, and we were super tired by the time we got on it. On the bright side, we did stop at the 7-11 to get some water, and that led to us finding out what the big convention was this weekend. Apparently it was some natural foods convention, and, the 7-11 guy pointed out ironically, a lot of people from it were stopping in to buy cigarettes and booze.

I made sure to write down how to get from the bus stop to the theater, but I didn't write down how to know when we'd accidentally passed the theater, which, it turns out, would have been super helpful information, because we did in fact pass the theater and end up walking much farther than we needed to. And we didn't bring enough emergency rations, so my tummy was grumbling for I think most of the second act, and that was kind of a bummer. That and a part where Sailor Moon was being a little bit silly about, "No, I can't fight! I don't want to hurt them!" had me a little unhappy. I was like, "Dude, you just reminded us all in this very musical that your big move doesn't hurt people, it heals them, so how about you use that?" I think that bugged me the first time we saw it, too, but it was also established at the beginning of the whole series that Usagi is not the brightest crayon in the box, so I'm not too hung up about it. And overall, the show was still really awesome, but not surprisingly, it was better live. So while I still loved it, it also had me thinking, "So...I guess we're going to have to figure out how to get to Japan to see all of these shows."

It was after the show that we really got to hang out and talk with the friends that we met up with. There were some other fans hanging out, too, waiting for the next showing, and what we learned is that our love of anime still tends to go in a different vector from most other fans. They were talking about how awesome it is that girls are not just kicking butt but actually killing people, whereas we liked the messages of love and hope. Oh well, to each their own, I guess.

Fortunately, we did not get lost finding the bus stop to return home, so we made it back safely, but thoroughly exhausted. We stopped at a pizza place on the way home and gorged ourselves on pizza, giving ourselves just barely enough energy to make it back home.

And then we had to wake up extra extra extra early for church, because we had a special stake meeting an hour earlier than our usual church meetings, which we had to arrive for early because we wanted to practice with and sing in the choir, and it was all even earlier because of Daylight Saving Time. I do like the illusion that the sun is up longer, but that first night is always rough.

The meeting was really good, though. The presiding general authority actually stopped his talk to have the choir sing Love One Another, followed by the congregation singing it. Since the tendency is usually to cut music (for example, if things are running overtime), I always love it when a leader decides to add which I mean, I love it when they add more group singing. If there's an impromptu solo, I tend to get annoyed. I like music, but I like it more when I'm a part of it.

We got home and watched Westward Ho, the Wagons, an old Fess Parker movie, which we ended up not caring for for myriad and complex reasons. We liked Fess Parker's character pretty well, though. But because of that, and some impromptu YouTube binging (something we usually only do when someone wants to show us a bunch of videos, and which has a tendency of melting our brains), we were kind of annoyed, so we were going to read some (hopefully) calming books and then go to bed super early, but instead, our friend who drives us to church invited us to the fireside that was happening and we figured we might as well go.

And so! we went to the special fireside featuring Alex Boye, whom I'd actually heard of before, because of some video that was going around Facebook where he apparently got a whole plane to sing The Circle of Life? I don't know; we didn't actually watch the video, but it popped up on our feed a lot. Anyway, it turned out he's a pretty cool guy. He told his conversion story and gave a lot of messages about individual worth and divine nature and how Heavenly Father wants to bless us. We laughed, we cried, it was a good time.

But we still haven't caught up on sleep. Fortunately, we finished our work goal early today, so we decided to take some time out to watch some anime on Netflix. And we ordered pizza again, because we didn't think we'd have time to go grocery shopping today, and also because we needed to experiment with Pizza Hut because things were weird. Anyway, the point is, I think we're reasonably well fed now, so if we can just get to sleep, we might be okay. We're planning to wake up half an hour later for the rest of the week, partially to catch up, and partially to ease into Daylight Saving Time, because we hate waking up before the sun. We're not entirely sure if we're actually waking up before the sun at our regular time, because it was overcast this morning, but we just like this sleep idea, so we're not going to worry about it until next week.

Today I'm very thankful for making it to and from the Sailor Moon Musical safely, having a lovely special stake meeting, the choir singing beautifully, having a lovely time at the fireside, and having some time to just relax today.
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