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Impromptu day off

Today ended up being much more laid back than planned, and perhaps more laid back than it should have been, but I think it's actually going to be okay. Our schedule being what it is, we had to email our editor and tell her we were going to be even later with Sailor Moon than we already are, and we asked about the delay in a roundabout way. Turns out we really didn't have anything to do with it (I know being a few days late usually is not enough to push a release date back that far, but I think our eagerness to work on the series has us under the impression that we should have been translating it much more frequently all along, if for no other reason than that we want to have been), but it does work in our favor, because the delay of volume one means we have more time to finish the volume we're supposed to be working on.

After that, we felt a lot less pressure about all of our deadlines, and the day was going strangely already because it started out with an orthodontist appointment so our schedule was off, and we had to do laundry, and everything was topsy-turvy, so we decided forget it, we'll just catch up on writing reviews and get back to work next week. We can get back to freaking out about our workload then.

In the meantime, apparently there's a convention in town, because on the way to the dentist, we walked by some people who were handing out free samples! And about a million people wearing lanyards with badges, and much worse traffic than usual. But the important thing is the guys with the free samples, because we got some! I think it was pretty clear we weren't part of the convention, but maybe they thought we just hadn't gotten our badges yet. Or he just wanted to get rid of as many as he could. But now we have a fruit-based supplement that's supposed to help you sleep (so not a problem for us), some sunflower seed butter (or something along those lines), a blueberry fig bar, and one other thing that's hidden in the packet behind the other things. We haven't taken any of the stuff out of the plastic yet, because we just don't usually do that. If we ever do get around to it, though, you will be hearing our thoughts on them, because the point of the samples is to advertise, and I'd feel bad taking them if we didn't at least say something! Even if you're not going to the convention, you can look up their brand, after all. (And in our defense, it's not like we saw the guys and thought, "Free samples!? I want some!" They saw us and practically shoved the packet into my arms. ...Okay, it wasn't that aggressive, but he definitely came up to me and handed me a packet.)

Anyway, we have big plans tomorrow, so we need to go to bed. Today I'm thankful for having a sort of laid-back day, free samples, being all caught up on reviews, having a little bit of a reprieve, and having exciting plans tomorrow.
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