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Swamped as usual

I think maybe I had something I wanted to talk about today? But I don't remember anymore because we've been multitasking, and that tends to make me forget everything. It might have something to do with Sailor Moon. Apparently they pushed back the release date again. This is aggravating in the extreme, but we don't have time to worry about it. We haven't missed any other deadlines than the one this Monday (and a Sailor Moon one, which we thought was an early one, but may instead have something to do with why it got pushed back again. We're sorry, Sailor Moon fans!), but it still feels like we're behind on everything, partially because of Sailor Moon (which we really really really want to work on!), and partially because our schedule is packed to the gills even without it. But we're on the last volume of both of the two titles we blame for the excessive packed-ness of our schedule, so we like to think that maybe we will have some breathing room in the future.

On the bright side! we did almost finish the project that's due either tomorrow or Monday. On the less bright side, we're going to have another momentum problem like we did last month, because once again we have an orthodontist appointment and a church cleanup assignment on the same day. But that's okay. We'll figure it all out.

Today I'm thankful for almost finishing a daunting project (it didn't start out daunting, but then it was), finally getting out to get the mail, remembering that we ordered some old Disney movies a while back, having those movies in our possession, and the hope that we'll get to watch one of them soon.
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