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Waiting for Spring volume 4

It occurred to us right as we made it to LJ to check things out that we need to post a review today! And because we didn't want to forget like we did last week, we decided to strike while the iron was hot! So here it is, our review of Waiting for Spring volume four!

This is review number two in a series of three reviews that got postponed because of Busyness. And it's not just that we only had a few minutes to spare and would rather use them to watch anime or play video games; we went right to bed after finishing this translation, then got up the next day and...okay, we watched Welcome to the Ballroom before going to the grocery store and then getting to work on the next one, but it was a Saturday, so cut us some slack!

Waiting for Spring. Have I mentioned that this series usually feels like nothing happened in it? I don't know why that is, because when I really think about it, I realize that oh wow, kind of a lot happened. Athena suggests that the perception comes from the fact that everyone, including the readers, have known for a long time that Mitsuki and Towa like each other, but since they haven't really made any progress in their relationship, even though a lot of other stuff happened, it doesn't feel like anything happened. We're getting close, though! Maybe in the next volume! Maybe!

So we start off at the basketball tournament, where Reina has discovered that she has a new favorite basketball player, and I'm sure the readers were just as shocked as we were (which was not shocked at all) to learn that it was Aya. That's okay, though, because the point of good entertainment is not necessarily to surprise so much as to entertain. There are other ways to surprise people than by surprising them, after all, and Reina's behavior throughout the tournament is a good example of that. Mitsuki doesn't see Aya playing, though, because she was busy getting lost and delivering things, and having something close to a romantic moment with Towa where he asks her to hold his hand. Awwwwwwwwww.

When Aya's game is over, he comes to hang out in the bleachers with Mitsuki, to the shock and awe of everyone else there, and especially Reina. I must say I am thoroughly amused by their unholy alliance. So Aya continues to troll Mitsuki as she tries to cheer for her team. It's cute how much he cares about her; I'm really not sure what I want for him, because I definitely want Mitsuki and Towa to end up together, but Aya does seem so sincere. Maybe if he hadn't been so deceptive about it--surely he knew she thought he was a girl. Also, Mitsuki does finally see a little bit of Aya playing, and that's how she learns that it really is the same Aya-chan she knew growing up. I guess since he changed his strategy for interacting with her now that he wants her to know he's a man and in love with her, the only time he's acting the same way he used to is when he's playing basketball. And since I kind of get the feeling she spent at least half the time they hung out together watching Aya play, she would be very familiar with his basketball fingerprints, so to speak.

Anyway, Aya comes along to tell all the readers that the Seiryo team really isn't that good, which is all prelude to their losing just before making it into the finals. This may or may not be due in part to Ryuji pulling a muscle, and oh my goodness, I have to tell you, the Japanese word for "pulled muscle" does not sound nearly as minor as everyone was making it out to be. I mean, that's probably what a pulled muscle is, literally, but when you don't know that, you hear "separated muscle," and you're like, "What!? That's sounds awful!" and we're squeamish, so it also makes me feel juuuust a little faint. (See also: why we don't eat chicken with bones.) So they're all casually talking like, "Yeah, he probably just separated a muscle (which I complete in my imagination to "from the bone")," and we're like, "~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So we feel a little bit like Shindo from Happy Cafe, who insists on calling them "spider" instead of "kumo." We just mentally replace the Japanese word with the English one, and it's fine.

So Ryuji's hurt, and the rest of the star players are exhausted because their team can't play without them, and so they end up losing. And their reaction to this really bugged me, because they're like, "We're just not good enough individually," and we're like, "No, your stupid team isn't good enough." Maybe if you four learned to play with people other than each other, they could take one or two of you out and the rest of the team could still play a decent game. I mean, I'm like the opposite of a sports fan, so it's not like I'd really know, but that just seems like logic to me. Also, they didn't mention it in this volume except for maybe an in-passing flashback, but Aya specifically told Mitsuki that he has nakama (friends, teammates, whathaveyou) now, so his team isn't the best just because of him. They can take him out and still score a hundred points. Or he's so good that he gets the team to a hundred points and then it doesn't matter if they take him out. This was not specified; we'll have to wait and find out. Anyway, we're thinking they need to be even more of team players.

But now everyone's all depressed and awkward because of the traumatic loss, so they have to take some time to get over themselves. Fortunately, this doesn't take very long, thanks to Ryuji, who apparently really is the leader in everything. He swears he's going to give up visiting Nana, because that's just what he does when he suffers a dramatic loss--he takes something away from himself in favor of practicing. And when the guys remember that, they all start laughing again at the fun memories. Awwwww. And the especially funny part is that he never succeeded in giving up on anything, and of course this time is no exception. He's already back at the cafe, and now they're all back to normal. And since they're all back to normal, it's time to start planning the fun thing they were going to do after the tournament!

This leads to some very amusing scenes as various people imagine what it would be like to all go to the beach. When they mentioned it, I was like, "Oh yeah, beach. That is a thing people do in anime and manga." But while Mitsuki was doing her research before that scene, she came across an article about lucky romance spots, and we thought, "Come on, Capyper Land!" But then the beach came up, so we figured that was where they would go...until the debate about the beach started going on a little too long, and then finally they did end up going to a theme park. This one seems to be more of a generic theme park, but the coffee cup ride was exactly like the one at Tokyo Disneyland (minus the Dormouse). Of course, I never really counted the designs on all the teacups at Tokyo Disneyland, but if it's like the ride at California Disneyland, there's exactly one cup with hearts on it, so. (There's one of each of the card suits, a few with some generic flowers, and some solid colors.)

The way each of the guys kept "accidentally" doing the lucky charms with Mitsuki almost makes me wonder if they knew about all of them the whole time. Rui could just as easily have been listening in on that couple's conversation, since Mitsuki wasn't the only one anyway. And Kyosuke seems like the type to just know everything. And each of them makes it a point to say something to push Mitsuki in the direction of, "Just tell Towa you like him already!" Guys are always telling us that you kind of have to beat them over the head with stuff like that, so Towa's never going to figure it out unless she says something, and he's never going to say anything because he wants to play basketball. But now I have to go on a brief tangent about those ice cream bars. Are you kidding me? What kind of a design is that? It's like the most impractical popsicle design we have ever seen! You're practically asking them to drop their ice cream! Maybe that's the point... But at Disneyland California, the policy is that if a kid drops their ice cream, they get a free replacement, so constantly dropping ice cream seems like a recipe for lost money.

Anyway, eventually Kyosuke manages to get Towa and Mitsuki alone together, which seems like an easy feat for him generally, but how in the world would he have convinced Reina to hang out with just him and another girl? It would be one thing if Ryuji and Rui were with them--Reina could do without one of the guys--but this time there was only one guy. And another girl. Maybe Reina and Nanase just hit it off that well, I don't know. Maybe Kyosuke promised to "accidentally" kiss Rui. (If anybody knows about Reina's hobby, it's Kyosuke. ...And that reminds us of Kyosuke's powers of perception, which reminds me of when Towa was asking Mitsuki where she wanted to go, which was the best, because first he did kabe-don, and then, more importantly, he was like, "We're blocking the door. Let's get out of the way." One of our biggest pet peeves is people who stop in the middle of the road right in everyone's way, so when we see people deliberately not doing it...that's a keeper, right there.)

And so Mitsuki and Towa are alone at last, but Mitsuki's shyness is getting in the way again! Oh no! Nevertheless, she keeps thinking about what Rui and Kyosuke said to her, and now she thinks maybe if they go on the Ferris wheel, the hope of the lucky charm working will give her the courage to tell Towa how she really feels...

To be continued.

Now that I think of it, if she does succeed in that endeavor, that's going to really complicate things as far as her "date" with Aya, which we all know he's going to insist on making happen. The preview says he's going to be even more aggressive! What will happen! Tune in next time!

Ah, what a nice series. We finally managed to write our review for volume seven just two nights ago! Now we're only two reviews behind!

This week, our new releases include...or rather, feature, because there's only the one, Beasts of Abigaile 3! Tadah! And tune in next week for our review of Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 2! Maybe in the meantime we'll actually manage to write our review of volume five that we just turned in!

Today I'm thankful for remembering to post our review on Review Rednesday, another adorable episode of Mitsuboshi Colors, having a coupon for pizza which we're going to use tonight, Page getting to have a nice time outside, and Page also eventually coming back inside before we felt like too much of slackers.
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