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Oh man, what a day. We just missed a deadline, and I'm pretty bummed about it. But not bummed enough to stay up late finishing it. There's just too much left. I kind of shifted the responsibility onto Page. Our current practice is to call our mother once a week on Monday nights. The original plan was to call and tell her we couldn't talk long because we had to get back to work. But when I made the call, Page came and sat on my lap, and stayed there for an hour and a half. I know that Page sometimes gets tired of lap-sitting and gets up after sometimes only ten or twenty minutes, so I was like, "I'll just keep talking to Mom until Page gets up." But by the time she did, we were like, "Mmmm, nope. I don't want to stay up until midnight finishing this translation." Fortunately, I think what we have done has turned out pretty well, or I would feel much worse about getting it in late.

In the meantime, Facebook continues to also be a time sink. We keep seeing interesting-looking articles that then take forever to read. And then we try to make jokes that nobody gets. If people hadn't told us we're good at translating comedy, I would start to question whether or not we really have a good sense of humor, because if nobody is laughing at your joke, maybe the problem is not the audience. (There was an instance on tonight's phone conversation where our joke fell flat, too, but even I admit that one wasn't very good.) On the other hand, in this case the audience was someone who had been in the manga industry, and manga industry people are notorious for having a difficult time with comedy (they even admit it without hesitation, almost unprompted), so... (Disclaimer: the audience in question is a fine individual.)

It also helps that our sister called later, and we told her all about it, and she laughed at the joke without my having to explain it. So at least our family gets our humor.

Today I'm thankful for having lovely conversation with our mother, having a lovely conversation with our sister, getting to spend lots of time with Page on my lap (she also sat on my lap during dinner and Galavant), not coming across a major speed bump in this translation every hour we worked on it, and the knowledge that our jokes don't fall flat on everybody.
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