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After forgetting to take my phone to Disneyland yesterday, I finally checked it before we went to bed last night and found a message from Gaston. We knew he and Alice were planning to come over tomorrow night, but Gaston found an opportunity to spend some time at Disneyland and took it. So we abandoned responsibility for a few hours today and went to Disneyland again. I know we have no one to blame but ourselves, but it made us grumpy.

Alice had never seen the big fancy Frozen show they do at California Adventure, and they really did some impressive things with the costumes and sets and stuff, so we want people to see the show if they like the story. We had actually considered it before, when we thought they were going to come at a time that would make it easy to bring work. Gaston and Alice could spend an hour or two at the Hyperion Theater watching a stupid annoying story (the second hour is for waiting for seating, finding seats, waiting for the show to finally start, and making it out of the building when the show is over), and we could take our Chromebook to the nearby somewhere or other and get plenty of work done.

Unfortunately, this was not a day that was easy to take work with us, so instead we went to see the show with them. I did want to see the Elsa dress transformation again, but it really does get less impressive with each viewing. And our hatred of the characters grows stronger with each viewing. We thought we could do it, just watch it in an academic sort of way, studying the music and staging and everything. But as soon as the bad decisions started happening (which is right at the beginning), we got annoyed, and it only got worse from there. (Let's be honest; my annoyance starts before the "bad" decisions, because I hate anyone who wakes me up before I'm good and ready, so when Anna says her "the sky is awake" line, I just want to punch her right in the mouth. I admit, the violent urges are enhanced by the fact that I hate Anna from previous viewings of the movie/show. Gaston found out we hated Anna (as if he didn't already know?), and was like, "What!? But Anna is the best character in the whole show!" If she's the best, there's no hope.)

We were going to go say hi to Farley, which I hoped would cheer me up, but he wasn't there today because of the rain. Instead, we went and got some food from Wetzel's Pretzels and we came home while Gaston and Alice went to join family for their family thing. And we worked on UQ Holder! and it was a good chapter, but Page spoiled it for us, and it made us very tired because there was sooooooo much stuff to look up.

And on top of it all, we keep having mistakes pointed out to us, and not because our editors are being mean or anything, but because it just comes up in the course of things, and it's frustrating, because we are legit making mistakes and we're not supposed to be doing that. And what frustrates me even more is that I don't know if it's happening more just because it's a coincidence and our attention is being called to it more, or if we're really just making more mistakes. Our editors are catching them, so it's not a problem for the readers, but it's a problem for our own standards. On the one hand, we like to think we're making more mistakes lately because we're so tired, because that means we just have to get some decent rest and the problem will be solved. But on the other hand, we don't know when that will ever be possible, either!

We just need to go sleep for a week. Is that so much to ask? ...Looking at our schedule, it's waaaaay too much to ask. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try popcorn lemonade (I'm still not sure how I feel about it), finally finishing that chapter of UQ Holder!, the knowledge that Ken Akamatsu specifically started giving Gengoro more chances to be awesome because Yuki Kaji was cast to play him, getting to translate a sample of one of next week's projects (the outlook for time-consumption is not good, but at least we have some idea of what it's going to be like), and not getting rained on too much.
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