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My Monster Secret volume 9

Yesterday was so hectic that we didn't even think about Review Rednesday until this morning! I can't believe we forgot! Only I can, because this week has been all over the place. We also decided yesterday that we were too tired to try the Disneyland Office thing today, but then we woke up this morning and didn't have the simulpub we were planning to work on, and sources indicated that the crowds were going to be lower today than any other time for the next six weeks or so, so we said aw, heck with it, let's go to Disneyland. (Skip ahead to get to the review.)

And that turned out to mess with our schedule even more than normal, because first we went and said hi to Farley, and he asked where we were going to try working today, and we said the Golden Horseshoe because it's cold and we want to be inside, and he said how about the Plaza Inn, and we said that's a good idea, but first we're going to try by the Pizza Port because we want to get fastpasses for Space Mountain. Pizza Port was a bust because for unknown reasons they had blocked off the area that was sheltered from the wind, so we went to the less sheltered area (we could have gone inside, but the Pizza Port was busy, and we didn't want to go in without buying food, and there was no food we wanted to buy) and translated a chapter then decided to take a break.

We went and said hi to Farley again, and he was really curious to know whether or not they would kick us out of the Plaza Inn, so we decided fine, we'll go find out, but first we had to wait for our fastpasses to activate so we could use them without interrupting ourselves, because if the point was to see how long we could work at the Plaza Inn before they kicked us out, we didn't want to be interrupted. Finally we went on Space Mountain, and then we went back to the Plaza Inn where we had what we like to call the Cake of Betrayal (tasted and named today), and then pulled out the Chromebook and got to work, nervously hoping none of the Plaza Inn cast members saw us with a laptop and came to kick us out, or hoping that if they did, it would happen quickly so we could get the pain over with. Well, it turns out they don't kick you out, so, since there were always other free tables, we stuck around and translated for a while. But it wasn't very warm inside, so we think it might be better to work outside where they have heaters.

Anyway. It's Review Rursday! Because we forgot about Review Rednesday, as previously stated. So here is our review of My Monster Secret volume 9!

This is the last thing on our list before we are done with work and can go lie down for the rest of today and tomorrow! Okay, so technically we also have Family Home Evening, but we still get to do that while sitting on the couches, so it's a little more comfy. Anyway, hopefully my eagerness to be done won't affect the quality of this review. Frankly, I think the quality is more likely to be affected by the fact that we did a third of the edit on Friday, and today is Monday, and it's been a long weekend, so I have to think harder to remember what all happened in this volume.

Oh right, Nagisa declared war. There's some pretty serious plot stuff going on! I think I mentioned last time about how Masuda-sensei seems to be able to blend super important stuff with stuff that seems utterly meaningless. So we have Nagisa's declaration of war, and her battle is an ongoing theme in this volume, but we also have the maid cafe and the Shiho chapter... Oh my goodness, the Shiho chapter. It was really funny, but also so wrong. I mean, man, it jokes about it and it's funny when it's self-aware about conveniently placed steam, but if I think too hard about it, I do wonder if it might be a gateway for some people to stuff that is more hardcore. Not that I can really complain about the degree of nudity in My Monster Secret as compared to anything by Ken Akamatsu.

Aaaanyway. I must say, I'm not a fan of the gods of fortune. At least not in this series. In a certain other series, they're awesome. Or maybe I just think I don't like them for some reason, because when I think back on what Fuku-chan has done in the past, it really is pretty funny. Athena says it's probably just the repetitiveness and all the words, so when we get to it, it's like, "Ugh, not this again!" but then when we're done and look back on it, it's not that bad. But it's not particularly interesting, either, and I think that's because whenever they come along, we usually focus on Mikan and only Mikan. And Mikan is a great character, but what makes her great is her interaction with the other characters, so when she's by herself, it can be a little tedious. On the other hand, when a chapter features a lot of repetitive gags, it does make it easy to edit, because we only have to make it funny once, and then we can copy and paste. Like when Genjirou kept falling into the ocean. That was funny. Or maybe it's more (Athena suggests) like dinosaurs. For some unknown reason, we hear that something is about dinosaurs, and our interest immediately wanes. I guess that happens with a lot of people for a lot of subject matter, but for us, as far as we've identified, it's mostly just dinosaurs and apparently glasses riding on pigeons. I think there was a time when "space opera" was included on the list, but a lot of anime has gotten us over that. ...On the other hand, not a lot of them have been as engaging as Gundam Seed...

But anyway, speaking of Genjirou rushing off to the tropics. That chapter was hilarious. And at first I wanted to say, "Of course it was, it had Karen in it," but she actually wasn't the main focus of it, so I had to stop and remember before I got that far. Maybe she's just that good. Or I'm just that biased in her favor (as opposed to our innate bias against Fuku-chan; sorry, Fuku-chan).

Anyway, now Nagisa and Mikan are both pretty serious about Asahi, so that's leading to some interesting developments...and then I remember that the last volume ended with Youko kissing Asahi, and we haven't had any developments on her relationship with him since then! That Masuda-sensei is pretty sneaky about pacing. I mean, of course he has to throw in all this other stuff, or the series would be over in no time! So I don't know if the maid cafe thing or the rain storm chapter are going to turn out to be significant in any way...and I just had an unrelated thought while I was typing this about how I used to be automatically disinterested in Genjirou, and I don't know if that's because I didn't want to deal with his dialect (I think ultimately we decided that really isn't our problem... (it was really only an important plot point for Youko, and that's taken care of)), or if it's because I'm automatically bored by giants. I really don't know.

But back to the other thing, there was a bonus chapter about the maid cafe thing, so maybe it really will stick around. Or maybe after being caught twice, Akari has given up. That chapter was pretty funny, too. I love it when they create a sense of urgency about ridiculous things. And then when she snapped Akane's horn off... We're glad that turned out to not just automatically be back. The rainstorm chapter was also very funny, for the same reason as the maid cafe one. And you know, usually I would be so annoyed with Nagisa for not getting a clue, but somehow it worked out in this chapter that it seemed to make sense.

And then the book ends with Nagisa about to tell Asahi that she loves him. Dun dun DUN! At first I thought maybe it would turn out the same way as when Mikan told Asahi she loves him, but since he did originally have a crush on Nagisa, it could be different this time. Probably not much different, though, at least as far as Asahi's reaction. As far as what might intervene or happen afterward, anything could happen! So tune in next time!

Wow, that volume feels like a million years ago. That was some pretty good stuff.

As for this week's releases, there actually is one! It's My Brother the Shut-In volume 2! Tadah! That's even one of the ones that has us going, "But why do we have to work on it so frequently!?" Well, here's volume two. Go check it out! And! Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 4 came out, too! It's very important that you remember this, because I don't think it got announced anywhere else! (Although I would think Yen Press would have said something on one of their social media accounts, at least?) Anyway, it's a great...whoa, I just realized, I think the last volume we turned in of that was five. If you're up-to-date on the English versions, you're almost where we are! Anyway, it's a great series, so show it some love!

And tune in next week, for our review of Waiting for Spring 4! Another great series! Wow, you guys, we get to work on a lot of great titles.

And now we need to go make up for all the time we lost today. Today I'm thankful for all the great titles we get to work on, not getting kicked out of the Plaza Inn, getting some sun today, getting to try another pizza place on the way home, and real chocolate cake.
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