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Variety is the spice of life

Another day of work work work. It was kind of our own fault. We had some extra things that were all due today that we didn't really work on until today. Fortunately those little things turned out to be even littler than we thought. But it's been a wild ride. Since we were jumping from one smaller project to another, we switched gears a lot. And everything we worked on seemed simultaneously very different and yet similar somehow. But I'm not sure how much of it has been announced, so the only one I can tell you about is Mitsuboshi Colors, which is decidedly the most different of the four(!!!).

But oh my goodness, this week's episode of Mitsuboshi Colors. That Sat-chan is a pistol, as our mother would say. An absolute pistol.

We were sort of planning on another Disneyland office day tomorrow, but we wore ourselves out to the point that the thought of moving our operation is way too daunting. But that's okay! Because we have so much work that even if we decide to hold off on Wake Up Sleeping Beauty, we have plenty of other things to do in the meantime. Someday we'll get some time off...

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota (mostly), at least all the work being different so it wasn't so rut-like, figuring out why our internet wasn't working, having the internet bill paid (that's not why it wasn't working, but the trouble was a good reminder to pay it!), and getting to eat some Girl Scout cookies.
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