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Stake conference

Another Sunday of hanging around being tired. We had stake conference this morning, though, and I had a bad attitude for most of it, but it was nice regardless. We had Elder Joaquin Costa come visit, and I have to say, he's adorable. I don't know if it's disrespectful to say that, but I mean it with love. He was like, "President Nelson says that Adam was a member of our church. You want a church older than that? Is no."

He seemed like a very nice man, too. We sang in the choir, and after the closing prayer, everyone dispersed, but since they were all taking forever and we were in the center of the row and also exhausted, we just sat around for a while. But while we were sitting there, he noticed us! ...And to be honest, I always wanted a general authority to notice us and say hi, but now that I saw him coming toward us, I was like, "Uhh...wait, what?" I have no idea how to deal with people! Why would I ever want them to notice me? Anyway, he came by and shook our hands and thanked us for the song and said it was a really hard song! And we were like, "Actually, there were only two parts, so it was pretty simple." He insisted it must have been hard and this time I had the presence of mind not to argue anymore, and he thanked us again, and then the choir director came back, so we kind of retreated. It was one of those situations where I think I'm glad it happened, but I also felt kind of awkward about it and I really just can't even. I think that's the only accurate way to describe my feelings about it.

Anyway, the main message was about the temple! So now we have renewed motivation to start going to the temple more often, just in time to renew our temple recommends!

And then we mostly spent the afternoon chatting on Facebook about Made in Abyss and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I learned that, out of context, I kind of hate the soundtrack to Made in Abyss, but it's a pretty popular series, which naturally has us curious about it, so we're planning to check it out. And maybe in context the music will not be so grating. It's interesting how different tastes work.

Today I'm thankful for a lovely stake conference, being in possession of a pound cake (we thought pound cake would be a great vehicle for the condensed milk & honey mixture of last week's pound cake, but we did not have the foresight to get condensed milk and honey), having time to read manga today, determining that yes our peacock supervisor is bigger than our cat, and getting to sing in the choir today.
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