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Oh man, we just watched the new animated Godzilla on Netflix, and my goodness, the visuals were stunning. No seriously, they were gorgeous. A little on the not-so-vibrant side--the colors were like, black, white, gray, and a dull, gray-greenish black. And there were a couple of blond guys, so there was like a yellowish gray, too. But there were explosions and electronic reactions that had color, so those were extra stunning.

The story itself wasn't bad, I think? But it was so long, and so scientific, and so interspersed between stunning visuals... That's the problem with stunning visuals. If they go on for too long without dialogue, my brain is so stunned that it can't pay attention anymore. Then people start talking, and we snap out of it, like, "Where am I? What am I doing? Oh! Movie!" It's not that bad, but it's kind of like that.

Overall, I'm glad we watched it, and I'm reeeeally curious about what's going on with Takahiro Sakurai's character, which makes me sort of almost want to watch the rest of the series should it ever become available, but I wonder if we could maybe watch a fast-forwarded version or something. Our prediction for the ending is that everybody but Adam dies.

Other than that, the day was pretty much a typical Saturday. We slept in, ran errands, and decided once again that we were too tired to do chores. (There were also scheduling issues that turned out to not be issues after all, but by then it was too late to alter course. That's why we watched the Godzilla movie; we suddenly had an extra hour and a half.)

Today I'm thankful for it being Girl Scout cookie season, having four boxes of Girl Scout cookies, getting to hear our beloved favorite voice actor in the new Godzilla movie, finally managing to sign in at the Anime Expo site and apply for industry registration, and getting to chat with our friends at the grocery store.
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